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Submission + - Is it wrong to want opt-in? (google.com)

JoeMerchant writes: I have had a Yahoo account since before the turn of the Century, and one of my biggest complaints about it was being required to download the Yahoo Messenger desktop software just to access the account management setting to block "Friend Requests" from every random spammer on the planet.

My Google account, by comparison, was relatively quiet and Friend-Spam-Free, until just recently — although the "quality" of Google friend spam is higher than Yahoo (most of the random people asking to "Friend" me actually have some kind of common interest listed in their profiles), it's still random Friend request spam from people who don't even know people I know. Now, I suppose I'm going to have to "pay" for some peace and quiet in my Google account by taking the time to decipher their settings process to turn these people off.

I know that both these services are provided free of monetary charge, and that I am "free" to walk away at any time, but I do feel like the victim of a submarine attack after they provide a good service for 10+ years and then, without even a "would you like to opt-in" dialog, start flooding me with daily friend requests from essentially random people.

Is there a similar "homepage" service out there that respects its user's privacy and doesn't demand their time and effort to adjust it to do so?

Comment Re:Random vs Heuristic (Score 2, Insightful) 847

Evolution is defined as natural selection of random mutations.

Haven't you just defined a specific form of evolution, known as evolution by natural selection ?

Most domesticated species (eg dogs) have evolved over the centuries as a direct result of human selection. Of course, until the twentieth century that selection was entirely based on external phenotypes, but this was still selection indirectly based on genetic information.


Submission + - Patient bleeds dark green blood (bbc.co.uk)

throup writes: "BBC News is reporting a story (originally from The Lancet — registration required) about a patient who bled dark green blood in the operating theatre. Unlike Mr Spock, this case is nothing to do with Vulcan heritage but apparently linked to a medical condition, brought on by the patient's medication, where sulphur is combined in haemoglobin molecules."

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