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Comment Re:Fingerprint are not passwords (Score 2) 242

Actually, no the article does not say biometrics are "something you know" ie. a password. It spends its entire time pointing out that biometrics make very poor passwords.

Let me quote one sentence from the article for you:
        "For them [Customs] your fingerprint is only really used to verify that you are you ..."
That was in the context of biometric passports.

That is actually the correct use of biometrics ... they are something you are -- the same as your username. They are not a substitute for a pasword

Oh ... hang on ... the article even states that in its conclusion:
"Don’t use fingerprints as if they were passwords. Being permanent and relatively-easily verified and obtained makes them great for criminal investigations or for certifying that you are who you say you are. But they’re not passwords because they’re not secret, they’re not revocable, and they’re very difficult to store securely."

Let me state that again .... fingerprints (biometrics in general) are who you are. The other two pieces are how you prove it to someone who doesn't know you and possibly can't see you.

Comment Re:As a university professor, I've taken a look (Score 2) 376

Playing devils advocate here .... but ......

If you use the GPL as your distribution license for a would have to give away the Word ... LaTex ...(pick format).... for your book and you can't stop me distibuting derivative works as long as I give you, or make available, my derivations. That's gotta suck for your income! Selling a support contact for a book has gotta be hard work!

Unless, of course, a bibliography counts as 'source' for a textbook.

Comment Re:National ID again? (Score 1) 116

australia doesn't have a string identifier per citizen yet then(soc sec number or whatever, something assigned at birth to separate you as you)?

Australia has a Tax File Number which you apply for when you start work -- or rather start paying tax. TFN is supposed to be confidential between you and the Tax Office, though in practice any organisation that has some effect on your taxable income will ask for it. Not having/providing a TFN means you'll be paying the highest tax rate.

There were plans to create the Australia Card, back in the day, but it didn't get passed by the Senate and hence the TFN was born

Comment Good Luck with that (Score 1) 432

I'm assuming the politics at RMIT haven't changed that much. Students are not clients of ITS, so good luck with getting them to do anything for you. About the only way you can get them to do anything useful is lobby your School's or Portfolio's Director of IT and get them to argue with ITS for you.

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