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Comment G+ is the future.. (Score 1) 200

G+ is to the internet, what Yellowstone Park was to the U.S. in 1872. A beautiful landscape where people could meet, relax and enjoy the serenity.

Recently I used this example to tell friends about G+ and compared FB to an amusement park akin Disneyland where you had to pay $45 to enter the park, $5 for a coke, $15 for a picture of you and about $200 for lunch for you, your wife and 2 kids.

On the other hand, you have G+ that is not being built to hijack your information, sell you targeted items based on your 'likes and dislikes' or anything of the sort. It is truly a social network.

Whether that makes it a cathedral or a bazaar, I don't know. What I do know is that I left FB and I'm not looking back.

Comment Back in my day... (Score 1) 96

Social sites were called channels.. it wasn't a single entity that controlled everything, it wasn't monetized. It was called IRC.. the difference until mIRC came around was that you had to do everything through a command line.. which for the most part kept the dummies out of my social networks, +++ATH0 took care of the rest. :)

Comment Meanwhile in a cave in Afghanistan.... (Score 1) 332

Osama bin laden says "hahahaha! Those stupid western infidels are more worried about catching 14yo Billy Johnson than they are of catching me or my 18 virgins! I knew that buying stock in the world wide movie industry would pay off.. now, you, child of allah, did you get my copy of the movie 2012 from Mandelson???"

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