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Comment Re:One small victory for a man.. (Score 1) 717

"Why not use a tool like science, when it is there, and it makes predictions about the world? Something religion never has done." I think you missed something... Particularly the Christian religion - exists on the basis of believers sharing their faith. It says nothing about "being ignorant about nature". In fact, it goes hand in hand with Christianity to understand the way the world works. The problem is when we decide "oh, based on current evidence, we can make these forensic claims using non-forensic reasoning and evidence." I think if you see the many christians who have propelled science to where it is, you might understand that it it's not exactly about "God made it, it works, stop thinking about it". Science and religion are not diametric opposites. It's when people blatantly dismiss perfectly logical arguments and evidences because it doesn't fit into their theory. To me, there is nothing inherently wrong with the facts misaligning with Christianity - because we can conjecture about the history and motives of certain individuals in history all day - but we don't know what happened, except fragments of writing. The "new testament" is the most historically accurate piece of historical writing we have.

Comment Re:Encrypt at a higher level (Score 1) 2

Well, that would work for ensuring a good connection after we have one. I want to avoid broadcasting an insecure network from each of the kiosks. Remember that the need is for us to be able to connect to the LAN on location without plugging in (we can't guarantee that the locations have wifi or 3g access or a place for us to plug in a router - unless we install it ourselves with the kiosks.) Also, a hidden network is not a viable solution for multiple reasons, mainly because osx also does not have that capability (ad hoc). A more detailed explanation is that we don't own anything on location except the hardware that is in the kiosks. We need to be able to go as technicians to work on our computers, without having to plug an extra router into their on-site network or take the kiosks apart to get to the computers. We do most of our work remotely through logmein hamachi and SSH - but we need an on-site solution that doesn't require physical tinkering. Thanks and hopefully that clarifies my issue.
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Submission + - Ask Slashdot : More Secure OSX AdHoc networking? 2

thriftysicillian writes: Hey Slashdot,
I've been poking around on the internet for some more secure way to create an ad-hoc network from osx than WEP 128bit. I know that it's not built into the OS from what I understand, but is there a way to simulate dd-wrt in a virtual environment to allow for this? Maybe another piece of hardware (a tiny router)?
Basically, I need to be able to connect to enclosed kiosks from an external computer where there is no wifi, and no way to connect to the network. This is also a place with no guaranteed 3g/4g connection. However, each of the kiosks is wired and connected to the internet so the airport on each is available. Any help would be much appreciated.

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