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Comment Old news? (Score 1) 554

Are you saying /. regenerated an old story into a fresh new one?

If we can do it with mice and stories then chances are we will have half the worlds population claiming pensions in no time!!

Hardware Hacking

Submission + - routertech.org have released v2.9! (routertech.org)

thriemus writes: Head over to routertech.org and have a look at their new version of custom router firmware v2.9. I only recently discovered this project and having successfully upgraded my router I can say it works well allowing you to run multiple commands including cron jobs! They have an online demo of an older v2.6 however having upgraded my router to current 2.9 I can tell you that it is basically the same as the v2.9 web interface. They also provide a nice Router Upgrade Checker and a list of compatible routers. My router was not listed however the upgrade ran perfectly after working through the firmware upgrade instructions they provide. Nice fun project to try at home! Please be aware that this has the potential to brick your router and should not be undertaken lightly, however they do provide some support and tools to help you try and recover your router should the need arise. Full source code is provided and the project firmware is released under GPL.

Comment Re:Exams (Score 3, Interesting) 204

I have spent over well over 3000 gold on each of my two lvl 80 chars respeccing from PvE to PvP and vice versa. 1000 gold is nothing in game now. The reason dual spec is nice is this:

PvE - 2 different specs in raid without having to hearth and get summoned back (Sunwell anyone?)

PvE & PvP - People who play both do not need to respec every day now.

This current patch not only addresses the need for new content but is also providing some much needed class balance in abilities.

The reason that we are only getting one new instance is because of the sheer amount of development that Blizzard are now putting into new content. They have to design encounters for 10 & 25 man raids, then within each of those they have to design and balance easy and sometimes multiple levels of difficulty. Think of OS 10 / 25 with 0,1,2,3 drakes alive. There are 8 different ways to killing one boss. I would rather see 1 well designed instance than 3 instances with no real thought put in. With the new hard modes all raiders can see new content, lower guilds can kill bosses but it takes very capable guilds to kill bosses on the hardest mode, giving the best loot.

Sorry, I play WoW, quite a bit, however I play in one of the top 100 guilds in Europe so at least I am a capable no lifer ;P

Comment Vista for the home user as a whole (Score 1) 1010

This is the best chance to MS bash I have seen in ages but since hitting 30 allot of my views have changed. I have been building computers for over half my life, I have used Windows and Linux for as long as I can remember and I have had some recent thoughts about this.

If you bought a car and drove it into a wall would it be the manufacturers fault? No. Granted Microsoft's operating systems have some security issues, virus' and malware are rampant throughout the interweb but computers will never be 100% secure.

On my gaming rig that I often end up using for browsing as well I have an over clocked 2.4 to 3.2 quad core Q6600 aftermarket air cooled and Vista ultimate 64 and it has never crashed ever, not once. (Post voltage settings and prime 95 all night stress test) This machine is never switched off and rebooted very rarely. I use Symantec Endpoint Protection, Spybot, Malware bytes anti malware and Firefox for web browsing with no script and I am constantly infection free. The operating system is as responsive as it was when I installed it. If you had a car and did not service it would it stay at peak power or would it develop problems? Of course it would. Vista can work if you protect your computer and spend a few minutes a week keeping it clean.

Computers require maintenance in exactly the same way cars do, and it is nothing short of naive to consider otherwise. It is up to professionals like us to tell others that installing a few simple, free programs can protect them from the majority of web based attacks.

I guess what I am trying to say is it is easy to bash Microsoft for security but it is not their fault that there are tens of thousands (more?) of sad malicious people that want to screw over the normal user with infections. Microsoft said they would take a better stance on security and they are. Granted, the wheels are moving slowly but they are moving. Overhauling an entire operating system is no easy task while maintaining a high degree of backward compatibility. Vista was a step in the right direction for the home user and I am looking forward to Windows 7 to see how it is.

So bash Microsoft all you want, I have been there, done that, bought the T-Shirt but I will give credit where credit is due. Just my thoughtsâ¦

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