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Comment Addresses not names! (Score 1) 292

If twitter releases any info it should perhaps be addresses first (if they have such data). The Giggs story was broken by a Scottish newspaper not covered by the English courts' superinjunction. Therefore, any twitter users not under English jurisdiction are surely also free to release any info they want (I'm not a tweeter or lawyer so don't know if that is accurate, but it's logical). Before releasing names, perhaps they should look into where the tweeters were to see if they were even covered by the super-injunction.

Comment Re:What is wrong with this bill as written? (Score 1) 735

Maybe it's not so much wrong with the wording of the bill that's causing the fuss, but where the bill is being passed. Isn't Tennessee in the Bible Belt of America so there is a fair (to strong) chance that the teachers will have religious views that this bill will allow them to express. I hope you're right and it will be used fairly and openly .... but I doubt it.

Comment Sounds lame... (Score 1) 464

...but in the UK there was the guy arrested for threatening to burn down an airport on Twitter.... ok, he obviously was just expressing his frustration and it's a bit more possible that this FaceBook loser (sorry - 'user') was serious, but it shows how these idle comments on social media get taken seriously by the authorities.

Comment "aint no soul" blah blah (Score 2, Interesting) 262

Funny how everyone picks up on the 'aint no such thing as a soul' and no one comments on how this is quite an interesting way of showing how nobody ever reads the terms (me included), and encouraging people to do so. ... of course, on the other hand you could call it cheap cynical publicity... as if reading the terms and conditions ever made a difference.

Comment Re:A more efficient solution... (Score 1) 512

A more efficient solution would be to mark on the cover of the magazine that this publication contains modified images. After all, it's only the packet of cigarettes that has the cancer warnings, not each individual cigarette.

Besides, will this stop anorexia among readers, or increase anorexia among models, as without photo manipulation, they will actually have to be a size zero.

On a related note, I think I read about the recent London fashion week where a designer used a size 12 model on the catwalk and one of the stylists there walked off in disgust.

Comment Re:Jedi religion (Score 1) 169

AFAIK - before the national census in several countries (UK and possibly Australia), people (usually students) are encouraged to give 'Jedi' as their religion. If enough people follow a certain religion, then the government has to recognise it as an official religion and provide funding. I always thought of it as a large-scale prank, getting government funding for Jedis. I don't know if it ever actually happened or received the required amount of followers, but it looks like this guy decided to start up a church for real.

Comment Re:So what? (Score 1) 454

Yeah, ok, no biggie, but remember that this was only an early attempt at cloning, taking just 12 minutes. If that can be done now, isn't it only a matter of time before the biometric data on a cloned card can be amended? If it stops at cloning these cards then you might be right, but isn't it more likely that this is just the first step?

Comment late news...? (Score 2, Insightful) 153

So losing sensitive data "last year" is only being reported now as a problem!?

I hope that between losing the material and reporting it (several months later), some action has already been taken to minimise the potential for blackmail. ...or were they waiting a certain length of time to see if it turned up somewhere or was posted back to them before panicking.

(I would say that I hope action has already been taken to prevent this from happening again, but I'm not that naive)

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