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Comment Easy answer (Score 1) 478

This is easy, and cheap to implement solution to this technical problem that completely meets requirements. Just seal over all the windows so no light can get in so that the interior is in pitch darkness and have no interior lighting.
You can even have your own cameras work by fitting out night vision ones. This solution is a vast improvement of depriving people of their vision for the trip with blindfolds, as that doesn't stop cameras from working if pointed randomly.
There is still a potential issue with flash photography, but you can't expect me to solve all your problems.

Submission + - The hypocrisy behind Microsoft's Scroogled campaign (

Gumbercules!! writes: "Microsoft has spent an significant amount of effort in recent years "playing the man and not the ball", so to speak. From FUD about Linux to Gmail-Man and now Scroogled, Microsoft seems more intent on finding fault in more popular services than in competing on their own merits. However with the latest attack on Google's Gmail,, Microsoft should perhaps be looking in their own backyard first. With it recently coming to light that Microsoft are doing the exact same thing they accuse Gmail of (reading your private information to serve ads), with voice calls in Skype."

Submission + - Ron Paul calls on U.N. for help ( 1

thoughtfulbloke writes: Maker or Taker? Ron Paul has gone to the United Nations' World Intellectual Property Organization to seize control of the domain from the fans that built it up, rather than purchase it.

Comment As noted in the article (Score 1) 332

The original study was restated to middle class children, which arguably means it was corrected for socioeconomic factors (or that only middle class kids who smoke dope experience IQ loss).
What is implicit in the article is that the first study may not be as strong, or the effect might be more complex than initially indicated.

Comment Re:The bill is redundant. (Score 2) 1059

What is being discussed in this article is 31 U.S.C. 5112(k) as originally enacted by Public Law 104-208 in 1996: "The Secretary may mint and issue bullion and proof platinum coins in accordance with such specifications, designs, varieties, quantities, denominations, and inscriptions as the Secretary, in the Secretary's discretion, may prescribe from time to time." Passed by a Republican Congress over the objections of a Democratic Treasury. Technically the statute was amended in 2000, making it clearer that Platinum coins were intended.

Comment H.G. Wells (Score 0) 171

"And scattered about it, some in their overturned war-machines, some in the now rigid handling-machines, and a dozen of them stark and silent and laid in a row, were the Martiansâ"dead!â"slain by the putrefactive and disease bacteria against which their systems were unprepared; slain as the red weed was being slain; slain, after all man's devices had failed, by the humblest things that God, in his wisdom, has put upon this earth." Admittedly, Wells had a better fleshed out mechanism for his bacteria.

Comment Re:What about families? (Score 1) 141

Small non-profit volunteer groups outside the U.S. are also losing with this. Registered U.S. non-profits can use the full apps free, but the free version was extremely well suited to small groups outside of America. Between exchange rates, being the kind of people who are time rich/ money poor but wanting to volunteer (retired and students), and that all such groups need are a few email addresses and some web space, there is now way such groups would justify the full business edition. It might be different for those groups who exist to raise money, but currently it closes an good easy pathway. I set up a group like this last week, who are a registered charity in my country, but are just starting up so have time and enthusiasm but not much cash in $US business terms.

Comment Re:The real question... (Score 1) 378

If anyone from the Romney team is reading this let me help. This explanation is good for Kindergartener level, so should be useful despite a few simplifications
The Earth is a globe made atoms of different kinds. It is held together by gravity, which is a force that pulls atoms together. When you have atoms of different kinds the heavy, tightly packed atoms tend to wind up closer to the middle than the light ones. So we have heavy solids, then a layer of liquid, then a layer of air. Within the layer of air, the air closer to the ground is more tightly packed than the air closer to space. A jet plane can travel so high it can move people from where the air is what we are use to, to where the air is too thinly spread out to breath. To let people breath, jet planes need to keep the air inside. To do this, they do not let people open the windows, as this would let the air out.
P.S. when talking about air, the expression "The air is thin at the top" is not a business metaphor for a limited number of first class jobs, it means there is not much air high up from the ground.

Comment Re:Honestly (Score 4, Interesting) 76

Actual-green parties (which is to say ones with a representation in parliament), rather than straw-man imagined green parties, are normally on the same side as the non-corporate libertarians when it comes to matters of government transparency.
I think most of the hate comes from people with no actual experience of living anywhere with greens in government, so not knowing they have actually been quite effective at pushing pro-open government, anti-corporate influence issues in a direction that suits most libertarians.

Comment Laser or Heat-Ray (Score 5, Interesting) 167

shot with 30 pulses over a 10-second period by Curiosity's laser today in order to determine what elements it was made of

or as H.G. Wells put it,

...the Martians rattle for a time and then become still. The giant saved Woking station and its cluster of houses until the last; then in a moment the Heat-Ray was brought to bear, and the town became a heap of fiery ruins. Then the Thing shut off the Heat-Ray, and turning its back...

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