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Comment Re:Or just use MythTV (Score 1) 49

How easy is it to get it running well with nothing but a remote control?

I thought that most of the value-add of something like MythBuntu was making sure all the right drivers are there for hardware acceleration (on a low-power board that can only hardware decode), that lirc and such works completely out of the box, mythtv starts on boot full screen, and so on.

Sure, you can run mythtv from a X11 session trivially from any linux desktop distro. The challenge is making it work in your living room without a lot of fussing around.

Comment Re:Progress in Human Geography? (Score 1) 523

5 is BS: it would be impossible to write concise science papers without using technical language of the field you are in. Jargon isn't to impair communication with the public, its to facilitate the communication between experts, and is vital. Everyday English is for the press releases and popular science magazines.

Comment 60mph!? (Score 2) 155

Whoever wrote this is (willfully or otherwise) ignorant of the driving conditions on UK motorways. Driving at 60mph is basically impossible - you either have to get in the slow line behind the lorries and go slower, or get in the middle or fast lane and drive ~80mph. Yes, the speed limit is technically 70mph. In most part of the country, nobody gives a crap.

So the range is nearly irrelevant; the car is unsuitable for motorway driving so you won't be taking it any distance at all.

Comment Re:Dark Matter testable predictions (Score 1) 86

Dark matter has many testable predictions; armchair physicists who think they can second guess professionals only ever seem to know about rotation curves, and smugly decide that they know better.

Modified gravity only has the benefit of fitting certain observations - it has no theoretical backing. With most current data, modified gravity doesn't fit that well anyway. Its largely out of favour with physicists, only with those people who think that without any formal training in the subject they understand it better than physicists

Comment Missing the point (Score 1) 414

Its not about air, or temperature, or soil, its about people.

What Mars gets you is a place that is entirely isolated from the poor folks, from politicians who might restrain you or tax you - you can't even access the Internet as we know it from Mars due to radio lag. Its a societal fresh start.

People making your arguments often say things like "why not colonise the Gobi desert? its much nicer than Mars". Thats actually easy to answer - the Gobi desert is (mostly I think) in China, and I don't want to live under the Chinese government. To have a societal clean slate, you need to go far and you need to live under harsh conditions.

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