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Comment Re:No (Score 2, Interesting) 162

Please mod that guy up or the parent down. Package management is a completely irrelevant problem.

These are actually important questions:

How long will it take them to cut GTK support?

What does this mean for Nokias Qt support? Many people in the Qt community have been worried that they would cut back on the desktop support in favour of the mobile parts.

Intel controlling a Linux distro? How does this fit into the larger picture? How does this affect the possibility of it getting into the phones from, say, Motorola?

Package management is irrelevant because it is not a general purpose system. So packages of software built for this won't be installed on Debian anyway - why worry about it?

Bo Thorsen.

Comment Journalism at it's worst (Score 1) 193

If the journalists would actually have bothered looking at the last years numbers from Lego, they would have seen that the turnaround is due to a much much lower cost than ten - fifteen years ago. Their revenue numbers have been pretty stable for the last twenty years. But they spend *half* what they did in the mid ninetees.

This is the reason Lego has become profitable again. Not Hollywood.

Although I can see why stupid journalists would prefer the other story. *sigh*


Comment Certainly not! (Score 1) 794

There are problems, where fortran is a better (or at least probably a faster runtime) solution. But teaching fortran to every undergraduate would be a big mistake.

They should be taught how to program, not how to do it in fortran. (And if you don't understand the difference here, you don't understand the problem.) Use any kind of language that is easy to teach and learn, or something that is used regularly out there.

Anyone programming fortran or cobol (same issue, just with banking instead of physics) will tell you that it takes about three weeks to teach a decent programmer how to do this language as well. But if you start out by teaching them the old school stuff, there is almost no way to get them up to speed on todays programming styles.

So teach them how to do proper programming, and make specialized courses for those very few who needs the legacy languages.

Bo Thorsen.

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