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Comment PHEV vs BEVx (Score 1) 229

The Chevy Volt alleviates range anxiety by including a traditional gasoline drivetrain on an EV. The new BMW i3 REx alleviates range anxiety by putting a gasoline-powered generator on an EV. What are the pros and cons of these two approaches? Do you see one of these technologies winning out over the other?

Comment From the daughter's perspective (Score 1) 698

It is your decision ultimately how you want to leave things with your daughter, but I found this anecdote of a woman who felt emotionally overwhelmed by her dead mother's letters from beyond the grave. Be wary that while your daughter may find comfort and meaning in your video letters, she may just as likely feel grief and stress:

Comment Hydrogen scales better (Score 1) 659

Both hydrogen and electricity COULD be produced from entirely renewable sources, although in the interim the hydrogen will come from natural gas (steam methane reforming), just like the electricity. The difference is that hydrogen fuel cells scale better to larger vehicles, pickups, heavy duty trucks, etc. A battery electric long haul big rig doesn't make any sense because the batteries just get too heavy.

Comment Role of human spaceflight (Score 1) 58

As a national leader in robotic exploration of the solar system, what do you think is the role of human spaceflight in the future? Should NASA be developing a human mission to the Moon, Mars, Europa, and beyond? How should the NASA balance the needs of good science and cost/safety issues versus the romance of human exploration?

Comment Maximize the learning experience (Score 1) 105

Perhaps a good question is- will running CFD be a learning experience for your students? Will they just be blinding clicking options without getting much out of it? Perhaps they could interact with a CFD solution that you ran instead. They could still do a comparison to experimental results. I have found that simpler 2-D or other approximate codes offer better learning experiences that full-up CFD because changing options, creating geometry and viewing results is much simpler. Check out XFOIL and maybe ASWING:

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