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Comment Re:Failure is always an option (Score 0) 200

If there is too much work for the current people to do in 8 hours a day - then you're obligated to your share-holders to hire more workers, NOT to overwork the current staff. Your supposed to meet demand WITHOUT being a dickwad.

Actually, it's just the opposite. You're obligated to your shareholders to squeeze every last ounce of productivity out of each and every employee, so as to maximize profits. If you can get the same work done with fewer employees, that's even better. In fact, if you're not a slave-driving dickwad, you are failing in your fiduciary duty.

Comment Re:There is a solution (Score 1) 353

Yeah, well, it's not 1999. Linux failed. It sucks. It's useless for 99% of people,

This - so much this, and I am a sysadmin who does linux 8-12 hours a day.

While Linux is kicking ass in the enterprise, and sending the old guard like HP-UX, Solaris, AIX et al out to pasture, it is not ready for the 99%, and I doubt if it ever will be. Yeah, there's anecdotes about someone's grandmother who installed it just fine, no problem, yada yada yada, but those are extreme corner cases. Linux has become too fragmented to ever have a chance on the desktop, much less in the home. It seems like every other week, there's a new distro, that's almost, but not quite, entirely unlike every other distro. How many different desktops are there? How many different package managers? If someone gets lucky and finds an application to fit their needs, and it's available in the appropriate distro, well fuck, it won't install because it needs gtkshitlibrary-2.6.869.so and the distro shipped with gtkshitlibrary-2.6.867.so which isn't compatible with libgnadslurp-7.34.2202

You have to really want Linux as a desktop and it takes effort and passion. 99.9% of the user base just wants stuff to work and doesn't care or want to see what's under the covers.

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