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Comment Re:Bad marketing (Score 1) 221

Well, I've actually done nothing more than showing them there are alternatives to Linux. The 16 year boy was tired of all problems he faced with Ubuntu and is now a happy hacker with OpenSolaris 2008.11. Time Slider is really nice for kids hacking and then possibility to go back in time is A Good Thing. They both started out with Linux when they were around 12 when they found Windows to main stream (which they started with at around 7).

Submission + - Sun refuses LGPL code for Openoffice; Novell forks (gnome.org) 1

TRS-80 writes: Kohei Yoshida wrote a long post on the history of Calc Solver, an optimization solver module for the Calc component of OpenOffice.org. After three years of jumping through Sun's hoops on his own time, Sun says it will duplicate the work because Kohei doesn't want to sign over ownership of the code. Adding insult to injury, Sun then invites him join this duplication. Because of Sun's refusal to accept LPGL extensions in the upstream code, Michael Meeks (who recently talked about Sun's OO.o community failings, and ODF and OOXML) has announced ooo-build (previously just for build fixes) is now a formal fork of OpenOffice to be located at http://go-oo.org/. Will Sun admit it's being a control freak or continue with pointless duplication?

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