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Comment Re:Cockroach rights? (Score 1) 512

Not true- I've seen them on boats and those boats dock. It's the same way AK has giant Norwegian rats running the shipyards- they got there by boat. Much of AK has more pleasant weather than Chicago and they sure has hell don't freeze here, so I call bullshit! With the amount of air traffic, ships, and trucks, there is simply no way that AK doesn't have them.

Comment My personal experience (Score 1) 444

I think certs do help and I prefer the big name certs like COMP-TIA because a lot of large corporations participate and sponsor them. If you want to work for a small company, then it probably does not matter as much. With most of a BSMIS complete, a Network+, and some Apple certs, I was able to get hired on with two other folks from my team that had consulted for a large bank for 4 years. I don't know the exact reason, but I was able to negotiate 20k more than my closest co-worker when we were hired. None of us had full degrees and I was the only one with any certs. COMP-TIA recommends A+, Network+, then security+ in that order. I may be back in the job market soon and it's a lot easier to grab a couple certs for things I already know then to deal with finishing my degree via a bunch of bullshit classes that cost a lot more. If you have a degree to finish, a lot of colleges will let you transfer over certs for credits, so you can sometimes do double-duty with certs. My college will give me 6 credit hours for an A+ and then I get to add A+ to my resume right away while I'm chipping away at the degree. I also recommend certs that will stand without having to take update tests- this will save you money and pain in the future. I will also say that although I had done a lot of networking prior to getting my Net+, I learned a lot in the process and it helped me stand out on our team. The info I learned directly applied to the project we we're on and it greatly elevated my status on the team. I was quickly assigned to work directly with our software vendor to design and test enhancements to fix a lot of issues that had been missed originally.

Comment Re:Okay, my review (Score 1) 489

There is more character development in book and some of it did make it into the movie, but it's chopped up for the most part like the novel was. With the book you'll find yourself flipping back to other sections after certain discoveries, but you can't really do that in a movie theater and it's a huge amount of information all at once. There was a great deal cut out from the movie, but some of it will re-appear in the director's cut, which will add 30 minutes. I personally thought it was done probably as well as it could have been, but that will leave those that have not read it scratching their heads wondering what the big deal is and not getting a whole lot of it. Finish the book, watch it again, and then let's see how you feel differently about it.

IWF Backs Down On Wiki Censorship 226

jonbryce writes "The Internet Watch Foundation, guardians of the Great Firewall of Britain, have stopped censoring Wikipedia for hosting what they considered to be a child porn image. They had previously threatened to block Amazon for hosting the same image." Here is the IWF's statement, which credits the Streisand Effect for opening their eyes: " light of the length of time the image has existed and its wide availability, the decision has been taken to remove this webpage from our list. Any further reported instances of this image which are hosted abroad, will not be added to the list. ... IWF's overriding objective is to minimize the availability of indecent images of children on the internet, however, on this occasion our efforts have had the opposite effect."

Lego Loses Its Unique Right To Make Lego Blocks 576

tsa writes "The European Department of Justice has decided that the Danish company Lego does not have exclusive rights to the lego building block anymore (sorry, it's in Dutch). Lego went to court after a Canadian firm had made blocks that were so like lego blocks that they even fit the real blocks made by Lego. The European judge decided that the design of the lego blocks is not protected by European trademarks and so anyone can make the blocks." If true, hopefully this will open doors for people interested in inexpensive bulk purchase of bricks of specific sizes and colors. Perhaps at long last I can build a life-sized Hemos statue for my office.

Submission + - What does an election judge need to know?

squarefish writes: I was recently chosen as an election judge in Illinois and will be training for this position later this month. What do I need to know and be aware of outside of the 3 hour training they provide? I do not know the location or details of the precinct I will be working yet, but the voting methods and machines vary throughout all areas of state. What should I watch for in the training and on election day that would make me a better and less partial judge? I'm an independent and offered to judge for either party. I will not know anything about my assignment until 10 days prior to the election. My training is one week prior to the general election.
The Courts

Mom Sues Music Company Over Baby Video Removal 391

penguin_dance writes "A Pennsylvania mom is fighting back, suing Universal Music Publishing Group for having a home movie taken down off of YouTube. The movie, featuring her 18-month old bouncing to Prince's song, 'Let's Go Crazy,' was cited for removal by the Group for copyright infringement. Mom Stephanie Lenz was first afraid they'd come after her — then she got angry. She got YouTube to put the video back up, she's enlisted the help of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and she's filed a civil lawsuit (pdf). 'I thought even though I didn't do anything wrong that they might want to file some kind of suit against me, take my house, come after me. And I didn't like feeling afraid ... I didn't like feeling that I could get in trouble for something as simple as posting a home video for my friends and family to see.'"

Free Geek Robbed 275

Ellen Wilson writes, "Portland, Oregon, non-profit Free Geek, which turns old PCs into Linux boxen, has been robbed of about $4500 worth of hardware. Portlanders are asked to keep an eye out for suspicious sales of Ubuntu laptops." This blog post has some details of labeling that could help to spot the stolen laptops. BoingBoing picked up the story and added that another local outfit, the Independent Publishing Resource Center, which supports Portland's zine scene, had been hit on the previous night.

Submission + - Canadians believe Bush is a threat to peace: Poll

denisbergeron writes: "From the article "Canadians believe the world has become a more dangerous place since George W. Bush was elected U.S. president and a majority believe he will launch military strikes in Iran or North Korea before his term ends in 2008, according to a new Toronto Star poll."(...) "The same questions were posed to respondents by pollsters in Britain, Israel and Mexico."(...)"Mexicans ranked Bush the second-most dangerous of the five, behind Al Qaeda's bin Laden." (...) The good part of the article is this "[The] analysts here say anti-Americanism has become more intense under Bush than any other U.S. president before him."
Anyway, who care about what canadians and mexicans thinks."

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