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Comment Re:True or false? (Score 0) 168

Well I wouldn't hire you. You don't even know how to spell 'honors'. Sorry, I'm just a shameless yank from across the pond. ;-P Seriously though, good luck. I love my IT position and wish everyone could be as happy. Job hunting is no fun but the longer it takes the more exciting it is when you finally get one!!

Comment They're already heartless... (Score 0) 67

Even if you argue that video games destroy young minds, what more damage could be done? I'll remind you of the toddler that was run over (twice) and then passed by numerous times by its fellow countrymen. The unedited video is not for the faint-of-heart, but ABC had a nicely summed up version...

Comment Shouldn't they fix the obvious (Score 0) 128

I always thought their basic search features sucked to begin with. For one, it doesn't do well with finding alternate spellings of the same name and lately I've noticed that all three of the people filters (which in and of itself should have more than three) now don't limit their own lists. "Locations" will be intermixed with "Education" so even when looking up a school, you'll have 5 or 6 entries and it's hard to tell which one you're supposed to select. So if I try 4 spellings of a name and use all 6 of the different Education filters, they expect me to try 24 times to make sure all bases are covered. I personally don't use social networking so I might be missing something.

Comment Re:The 4K tablet. (Score 0) 152

THIS! While I'm not from a large family, I too inhaled my food my entire life. I'm 41, have been steadily gaining wait for several years and even though I'm concerned about the weight, I know I can start activity to handle that and it's working. The thing that's always worried me was the affects of eating too fast on the digestive system. Even though I'm regular now, I hate the thought of things giving out just because a lifelong habit of eating too fast. I see a hapifork in my future (after it flops and comes down from it's $100 price of course).

Comment Re:What they are actually reporting an Issue. (Score 0) 320

We're looking at new hardware in our office and originally my boss really liked the idea of using Linux (mainly because he perceives it as "free") and I explained that we'll not only have to pay for support but he'll have to find another IT guy because I will not deal with the Linux community.

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