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Comment People will die. (Score 1) 80

I respect geohotz, but I don't think a 26-year old kid completely grasps the ramifications of building and shipping a technology whose goal is arguably to "kill fewer people". Even if he does kill fewer people, people are going to die using this or any autonomous driving platform. Is he ready to deal with the fallout from that? Also, we won't know until millions or hundreds of millions of miles have been driven how the technology compares in terms of safety to human drivers. It sounds like he's using low-end electronics, so chances are he's just banking on deep learning solving all the driving problems. This is a very, very dangerous approach to take, when deep learning has a strong tendency to exhibit pathological failure cases (see "adversarial nets"), and when it's usually impossible to fully understand, explain, justify or characterize the strengths and weaknesses of a network trained on a given task.

Comment Artificial value (Score 1) 26

he was mystified by the reluctance of some portfolio companies to avoid a stock market flotation

Maybe some people have wised up to the fact that market valuations are completely artificial -- they are numbers picked out of the air, and being listed on the stock market places you at the mercy of mass psychology, media spin, gross subjectivity, market volatility, and trading algorithms that solely exist to milk profits from the market.

Comment Re:TensorFlow DOES NOT require python (Score 1) 33

Yes, of course it does, the C++ API is the one that Python uses. But there is a lot of functionality in Python that is not available in the C++ API, because a lot of rich features were quickly added in Python, rather than taking the time to develop them in C++: the Python API is not just a thin layer over the C++ API.

Comment TensorFlow requires Python; iOS forbids Python (Score 3, Insightful) 33

A lot of the TensorFlow functionality is written in Python right now, for whatever bizarre reason (many TensorFlow pipelines take a huge performance hit by dropping out to Python after every training batch, in order to feed the next batch from a Python data structure). The TensorFlow team eventually plans to push more of the Python functionality down into C++-land, so you can build bindings for other languages (e.g. Swift/Obj-C), but this isn't currently possible. Since Python doesn't run on iOS (modulo a few hacky solutions like tinypy), I'd say the TF team has a lot of work to do before TF on iOS is a possibility. (Note -- this is for building arbitrary TF models in iOS, which would currently require Python, as opposed to executing runs through already-trained models, which can be done more simply by means of a TF graph serializer and de-serializer, which doesn't necessarily require Python, and already exists in some form for Android and other runtimes.)

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