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Submission + - Ask slashdot:Can advertising be open source ?

thirdwikidotorg writes: "Hi there,

I was thinking about an opensource style website that I'm developing and wondered if I could subcontract the advertising out to an agency to make the advertising centre around open source products/services. Does anyone know any ??

warmest regards."

Comment Seems to over come O.C.D. anyway (Score 1) 60

I saw a programme on the American chess master who died in Iceland who played chess games. I forget his name.. But he seemd to be preoccupied with real world events that shaped his belief system ... too much. I think that keeping it Virtual allows for people to engage on a fun level without the need for revealing one's self. It seems to overcome the O.C.D. anyway.

Comment According to Jordan ..... (Score 1) 507

According to Jordan ..... They flash mobile update of 2011 made it LESS able to watch '720'p videos on your mobile phone so I guess the problem is,,, is that there seems to be a reluctance to actualy implement the HIGHER flash codecs even though they have been promised by adobe flash. Why is this for the mobile (most general) platform. Surely its in everyone's interest to implement a 720 higher hd-video option ???????????????? Source http://www.thisweekinlinux.com/ there should be a video link on youtube. It shows Jordan trying to press the vido flash option tab to show higher hd video.

Comment Let the cooil.org network commence .... (Score 1) 312

I understand that this guy has gone to commemorative dot com but I'm sure the networks will continue. Plug-ins are mindful, 'tors' are merely weblinks and the twil network will be a good party for the lot of them. If an RSS feed : http://feeds.wired.com/howtowiki can be used then all the better for manuals.im to be created aswell. As my friend Aaron Robinson in California says: " It's alright, people die and companies rarely do. The real test will be to see how the company weathers the coming years. It'll be interesting to see of they can avoid the pitfalls of the past when ya man wasn't at the helm. " END

Comment Re:Portal? (#?) (Score 1) 172

So basically it's the idea all of us have had when we run out of paintballs at the end of a match.... in that the whole thing should be filmed. infact the whole thing should be filmed from every angle. sod that, the whole thing should be filmed from every angle VIRTUALLY to get the idea of which angles are best. inject some adrenaline and you have a game thought of in NAM.

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