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Comment Re:Do they realise... (Score 1) 426

They also probably started life as left-leaning happy adolescents, loved by their parents and without a care in the world, that is until they went to university and learned that work is hard and nasty scientists are fucking with lovely nature and that is bad because Dave, the guy who can roll massive Spliffs, says so and he is way cool man. Enter modern day Luddites.

Comment Missing the point. (Score 2) 427

Teaching kids to code has more significance than just training future programmers or improving basic computer literacy (which is on the increase http://www.eurojournals.com/ajsr_3_07.pdf ). Like mathematics, programming presents a method of solving problems that is generally applicable. Even if children don't go into science or a technical profession the patterns of though which programming experience will encourage should allow kids to reason more effectively when solving a problem. Obviously this may not be the case for every individual but when applied across an entire population positive effects may be observed. Also programming could be very useful in helping children learn mathematics by demonstrating real applications of the equations they learn in school.

Comment Good crowdsourcing and Bad crowdsourcing. (Score 1) 80

There is crowdsourcing in which you look for exoplanets or translate ancient greek texts ( https://www.zooniverse.org/ ), crowdsourcing in which your computer folds protein models to better understand disease ( http://folding.stanford.edu/ ), and then there is crowdsourcing in which you test weapons systems to help kill people more effectively. I like how the Pentagon is skipping the recruitment propaganda part (We Need You! *pointy finger*) and just putting a gun in our hands (sic). Its bad enough that the American government spends as much as it does on "defense" without subversively enlisting people to test weapons systems for them. I won't be playing that particular game.

Comment Re:There is a way! (Score 1) 495

Your brain would gain weight if you learned all that! In order to encode all the information in synaptic interactions your neurons need more nutrients to handle the information processing (sic). Support cells called 'Glial cells' would grow to better provide for the needs of the busy neuron, and in some areas of the brain the neurons themselves would grow in size to make more connections with other neurons. Your brain would probably gain measurable weight....to a point.....

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