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Comment Re:file transfer (Score 0) 466

I thought USB Mass storage wasn't supported until Windows 9x/ME. Unless you manage to pull off booting linux or something from floppy.
My suggestion would be PCMCIA CDROM (you did mention PCMCIA floppy drive, I would suppose that should work too) to boot linux/FreeBSD off from and see what you can do from there.

Comment Re:Whose Eyes? (Score 2) 95

The problem with many-eyes hypothesis is that not everyone looks for the security bugs and not everyone is capable of looking for every kind of bug. Everyone will notice a problem when the UI behaves differently. Not many of us will notice when the command-line utility did something subtly different (especially when it comes to RNG, like the Debian OpenSSL bug back in 2008) without abnormal output.

Comment Re:Just use OpenBSD, for crying out loud! (Score 1) 134

Actually use a different OS for each of your computer. Stuff that can infect your box regardless which OS you are on pretty much means you are screwed either way. Like investing, diversifying would be a better strategy as the scope of the damage is more limited than homogeneous system/networks.

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