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Comment Dedicated unRAID server box (Score 2) 355

Once your data grows past a certain level redundancy becomes a must. For about 3 years I have been running an unRAID server & I don't know how I survived before it. It allowed me to start with 3 drives (approx 250MB each) to my current configuration of 14 hard drives (mostly 1TB but also a couple smaller drives and three 2TB drives). After you have the system setup you don't need a monitor. I have it in my basement which helps with noise issues that result from having 12 drives spinning 24/7. Because this is a SOFTWARE-based raid-like system I can mix/match different types of drives to get the most storage for the money. I HAVE had a drive fail and the rebuild was easy. Another plus is the data is NOT stripped so if the motherboard ever fails the data can still be accessed (any computer that can access data on a "reiserfs" (I think) filesystem). One recommendation... Wire for Gigabit Ethernet! Once you start transferring HD Video (terabyte-size files) you'll find it helpful. Another recommendation... Find a smaller (100GB-200GB) drive to use as a "cache drive." This will speed up the transfers to your unRaid box :) Good luck! PS1: PS2: I have been running version 5.0-beta14 without any issues

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