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Comment Re:Did renewables replace any carbon based plants? (Score 1) 340

Well, a few miles up the M62 from me, Ferrybridge power station closed earlier this year. The UK hasn't been building new coal fired power stations, and the latest nuclear power plant at Hinckley Point won't be producing power any time soon.

Also according to Wikipedia the following fossil-fuel power stations have closed since 2010:-
Ferrybridge C, Littlebrook D, Ironbridge, Teesside, Fawley, Didcot A, Tilbury B, Roosecote B, Grain, Kingsnorth A and one ( a small gas turbine) has opened.
The power stations that closed produced 13.7 Gigawatts. Wind power in the UK now has a total installed capacity of 14 Gigawatts - peak production obviously, but it's pretty windy here.

There's also just under 10 Gigawatt of installed solar power and it's not always foggy here.

Submission + - 45 year old modem used to surf the web ( 3

EdIII writes:

[phreakmonkey] got his hands on a great piece of old tech. It's a 1964 Livermore Data Systems Model A Acoustic Coupler Modem. He recieved it in 1989 and recently decided to see if it would actually work. It took some digging to find a proper D25 adapter and even then the original serial adapter wasn't working because the oscillator depends on the serial voltage. He dials in and connects at 300baud. Then logs into a remote system and fires up lynx to load Wikipedia. Lucky for [phreakmonkey] they managed to decide on a modulation standard in 1962. It's still amazing to see this machine working 45 years later.

Although impractical for surfing the Internet today, there is something truly cool about getting a 45-year old modem to work with modern technology. The question I have, is what is the oldest working piece of equipment fellow Slashdotters have out there? I'm afraid as far back as I can go is a Number Nine Imagine 128 Series 2 Graphics card on a server still in use at my house which only puts me at about 14 years.


Submission + - Gmail Inaccessible Worldwide

neural.disruption writes: Publico(European Portuguese Newspaper) has some news about Gmail being inaccessible to most users around the world, since at least 9.30 GMT, with an estimate of 43 million accounts affected only in the US.

Google confirms the problem is worldwide and says they're working on it but don't disclose anything else about the nature or origin of the problem.

I could only find the news on the Portuguese newspaper and could not found it in any of the regular places like CNET or TechNews, but I can confirm that at least I and six other people can't even access Gmail site without receiving a server error notice.

So I ask how is the problem affecting you people?

Submission + - Accessing Old Data Formats a "Timebomb" (

eldavojohn writes: "The problem of being unable to access old data formats has been described as a ticking timebomb by the UK's National Archives. Unsurprisingly, the article notes that: "The root cause of the problem is the range of propriatorial file formats which proliferated during the early digital revolution. Technology companies, such as Microsoft, used file formats which were not only incompatible with pieces of software from rival firms, but also between different iterations of the same program." I know I've already encountered problems of storing my sheet music in a dead obscure format ... only to realize that there no longer exists any available option to open these files. The double edged sword of technology strikes again."

Submission + - RIAA's Media Defender sets up 'fake' site to catch ( 1

secretsather writes: "RIAA's Media Defender sets up 'fake' site to catch pirates

Don't get caught up in MPAA's latest sting. Media Defender, a company which does the dirty work for the MPAA, has been caught setting up 'dummy' websites in an attempt to catch those who download copyrighted videos.

The site,, complete with a user registration, forum, and "family filter", offers complete downloads of movies and "fast and easy video downloading all in one great site." But that's not all; MiiVi also offers client software to speed up the downloading process. The only catch is, after it's installed, it searches your computer for other copyrighted files and reports back.

ZeroPaid, acting on a tip from The Pirate Bay, found MiiVi to be registered to Media Defender using a whois search. Shortly after, the registrar information was changed, but the address still reflects Media Defender's address at 2461 Santa Monica Blvd., D-520 Santa Monica, CA 90404.

Not 10 hours after the site was found to be registered to Media Defender, the site went dead. There's no telling how long it was up; however, the domain was registered on February 8, 2007.

Perhaps Media Defender won't use its own name on the registrar the next time around, but it just goes to show the lengths at which the MPAA is willing to go, to fight piracy."


Novell Bombards SCO with Summary Judgment Motions 98

rm69990 writes "Novell has filed 4 motions for Summary Judgment against SCO, which essentially ask the court to toss the remainder of SCO's case that isn't already being arbitrated between SUSE and SCO. One seeks a ruling from the court that Novell transfered none of the copyrights in Unix to SCO, which is backed up by many exhibits and declarations from people who negotiated the deal. Another, along the same lines, asks the court to toss the portions of SCO's Unfair Competition and Breach of Contract claims pertaining to the Unix copyrights. The third asks the court to rule that Novell did not violate the Technology License Agreement between SCO and Novell, and last and also least, the fourth seeks to toss the Slander of Title for the additional reason that SCO has failed to prove any special damages. These motions follow 2 motions for summary judgment filed by Novell late last year on 2 of their counterclaims."

Submission + - Intel's Israelis Make Chip to Rescue Company From

MarvinTM writes: "Ian King — Bloomberg Five hundred employees and guests crowded under a white tent half the length of a football field at Intel Corp.'s Santa Clara, California, headquarters as Chief Executive Officer Paul Otellini put his company's newest line of computer chips through their paces. "These are the best microprocessors we've ever designed, the best microprocessors we've ever built,'' Otellini told the audience. "This is not just incremental change; it's a revolutionary leap.'' Otellini's pronouncement relegated to obsolescence Intel's Pentium chip, which once powered more than 80 percent of the world's personal computers. That wasn't the only surprise last July. A camera zoomed in on engineers in lab coats in Haifa, Israel. The video revealed that the chip Intel is counting on to recover from a battering by Advanced Micro Devices Inc. wasn't invented in Silicon Valley. Instead, Intel is betting on a group of Israeli mavericks and a design bureau 7,400 miles away. Shmuel Eden, former head of the Israel Development Center where the new Core 2 Duo was created, says he's fed up with the perception that Intel's prowess is fading. "They (the Israelis) saved the company,'' Doug Freedman, an analyst in San Francisco for Greenwich, Connecticut-based brokerage American Technology Research, says. "Without those new products, Intel would be in a lot more trouble.'' Otellini's bet on the Israelis required a shift in thinking about how processors work -and how Intel markets them. Intel had always promoted the mantra that faster clock speed, the rate at which a chip executes instructions, was the key to measuring how well a computer performs. FULL ARTICLE: &sid=a2mgYutwVFnM"
The Internet

Submission + - Liberal Party of Norway Wants Legal File Sharing

dot-magnon writes: "The Liberal Party of Norway (Venstre) passed a unanimous resolution that advocates legal file sharing. The party wants to legalise sharing of any copyrighted material for non-commercial use. It also proposes a ban on DRM technology, free sampling of other artists' material, and shortening the life span of copyright.

The Liberal Party is the first Norwegian political party, and the first European mainstream political party, to advocate file sharing.

From the press release:
— The laws today make a whole generation criminals, while we have yet to protect artists' interests. We've had systems to compensate copyright holders since the photocopier was invented, but new technology has been left behind. The laws must adapt to the citizens and modern technology. I believe in this resolution to create a radical, modern policy on culture and IT, while still protecting the interests of artists, says Trine Skei Grande, Vice Chairwoman of the Liberal Party.

Cultural spokesperson for the Young Liberals of Norway, Jonas Stein Eilertsen, also supports the measures drafted in the resolution. — New opportunities exist. We want to use technology and the possibilities in file sharing. We want to encourage the use and spread of any culture for non-commercial purposes.

The Young Liberals of Norway, the Liberal Party youth wing, proposed the resolution.

The resolution, in Norwegian: Slipp kulturen fri!
The full translation can be read on Young Liberals' website: Culture wants to be free!
Press release from Young Liberals of Norway: Liberal Party Advocates Legal File Sharing"
The Courts

Submission + - Election candidate faces EUCD charges in Finland

hingo writes: "The Open Life blog reports that activists in Finland have partly succeeded in challenging the EUCD's constitutionality, that is, they have succeeded in getting themselves tried in court:

Mikko Rauhala and Einar Karttunen have on February 13th, 2007 been charged with breaking [...] the EUropean Copyright Directive, our equivalent of the DMCA. The charges are that they participated in an online service organised by Mr Rauhala to provide advice on how to circumvent DRM and in addition Mr Karttunen has published online a computer program written in the Haskell programming language. The charge is especially serious because Rauhala paid Karttunen 0,05 for this program. Rauhala, Karttunen and 37 others did these supposedly criminal actions in January 2006, the first week that the new law was in force. [...]
Mikko Rauhala and the organiser of the 2005 demonstration Mikko Särelä are both running for parliament in the elections to be held on March 18th, 2007. [...] some of the momentum really might still be there [...] this week [...] they put out a website to collect pledges and within 24 hours had collected 8000 to buy a full page ad in Finlands main newspaper.
The blog also informs us that

Under current Finnish laws, the maximum penalty for filesharing is higher than for simply stealing an actual music CD from a shop

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