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Comment Re:I'm opposed to censorship ... Meh. (Score 1) 410

As a long time redditor myself, I've watched all of this with mild interest. There are at least 3 sides to this, and that's not counting the mods/users of the banned/quarantined subs (you can pretty much guess their position in any case). The Braveheart faction just wants everything to be free. Stop censoring me man. Live and let live. M'FREEDOM! These people are idiots. The largely shouted down (and thus usually silent) faction of Social Justice Warrior subs of which SRS is arguably the figurehead but which think that an internet forum that allows people to register, post, and comment anonymously should somehow be a "safe space" and that through cutting wit and calling out the evildoers that this can be achieved and change can be realized!. These people adopt the exact same tactics and attitudes of the hate groups in the process, which would be irony except its probably just a coincidence. These people are idiots. The admins and for the most part the moderators of most popular subs, that want to a) make money off these groups if at all possible and b) have them behave like rational human beings towards one another in the process. These people are idiots. Its a dumpster fire, but its fun to watch when there is nothing new on Netflix.

Comment Please (Score 1, Interesting) 371

Its like saying "Hey, Chevrolet, you know your customers like the radio station set to 101.9, why cant you engineer your cars to respect their choice instead of forcing your nefarious 101.5 agenda." You're installing a new operating system. If you think there is going to be zero configuration, you have no business installing an operating system. Setting the default applications is in the same place it always was. With all of Mozilla's other problems solved, its good to see Beard focus on what matters /s.

Comment Re: Too expensive. (Score 1) 112

My daughter uses a $30 AT&T Go Phone plan. They charge $5 per 100 MB. That is almost criminal if you ask me. At > $50 /GB, there is plenty of room for plans like this in the pay-as-you-go market. Once I realized what she (or ...mostly I) am getting for the money there is no way I will ever do business with that company again. When her service runs out, time for a new carrier.

Comment Re:Uh, sure.. (Score 4, Informative) 359

We use visual studio constantly, every day, usually with multiple large projects open per box at a time, building to Debug, pushing and pulling from git repo's, and being really productive in the process. Apparently running it on a 486 with 256mb of RAM is, well, your fucking problem. Get a box that can support and IDE, or use notepad. There are hundreds of thousands of VS users that can call bullshit on your rant.

Comment Re:Uh, sure.. (Score 4, Insightful) 359

Apple is probably the king of the designated editor group, with microsoft coming in at a close second Wut. Visual Studio is light years ahead of any other IDE anywhere

This is the correct answer. IDGAF what anyone says about it, VS has no equal. That debugger is as close to magic as I've seen a computer come.

Comment Mental Illness (Score 1) 219

APK Hosts File Engine 9.0++ 32/64-bit:

This guys is obviously mentally ill. Having seen a number of his posts, and having seen him doxed right here on slashdot, it's incredible that he is just persistently returns for the inevitable abuse from the very people he is seeking acceptance from. I assumed the guy was just trolling and being an asshat because someone on /. had pissed him off. Even the most dedicated troll would not take the time to write out these elaborate use cases for his tool. This guy genuinely wants you to LISTEN, and TRY his super awesome software. Another clue is that he places an inordinate amount of emphasis on the 64bit compilation of said software. This has a 'rain man' quality to it that points to some very acute underlying mental disorder. Can we get APK some help? -TWID

Comment Re:see the difference between "exists" and "doesn' (Score 2) 138

For the credit reporting agency, there simply isn't any data there if you don't go around borrowing money.

Not true.

The credit data on me does not EXIST. It's literally nothing (beyond maybe a phone book listing). So you're comparing NOTHING, no data being collected, to a vast database of our daily activities. You're saying the NSA spying is equalivent to - literally - nothing.

If I claimed "I don't use the phone or email" then I am re-framing your own argument. You are saying that one collection is BAD and one is OK based solely on the volume of information.(and since there is nothing of any value or volume, in your case, which is not at all true for the majority of people). You make an allowance for CR agencies because you (incorrectly) believe that its all about you asking for something from someone, or using their service. That same argument could be turned around if the government facilitates any network that your data travels over, then. So what's your problem?!? You want them to give your data a free ride, they just want a quick peek at its content! How is that unfair?!?!? /s

Comment Re:only if you ask them to give you free stuff (Score 1) 138

No I don't see the difference, its is one of placing personal value on specific instances of privacy. Your opinion that "I don't use credit so there is nothing to see" is no more valid than my "I don't talk about terrorist plots so I have nothing to hide" where phone calls or email are concerned. And I reject the assertion that its "Asking for free stuff". They check your credit to rent an apartment, and then report your new address when you move in. They check your credit during the hiring process, and weirdly enough my credit report has my current employer on it with no intervention on my behalf whatsoever. And if you think that only people you are asking to do business with or work for or rent from can access your CR, you haven't been paying attention.

Comment I think the outrage is hypocritical. (Score 3, Insightful) 138

Consider for a moment your standard, run of the mill credit report that is easily obtainable by just about anybody. It contains an actual chronological record of anything you do from a financial standpoint, but the metadata that is able to be gleaned from it tells a much more invasive story about you than just who you called and when. It tells me the kind of car you drive, the amount of money you make, the kind of neighborhood you live in, I know where you work, where your kids go to school. I can even make a pretty good estimate on if you are having marital problems. This data collection has been going on for decades, without your consent, and there is nothing you can do to stop it. You can't even own the data about yourself, and others are both allowed and encouraged to make money off said information, mostly be way of penalizing you if they don't like what it says. Where is the outrage? Where is the oversight? Is it because one dataset is owned by corporate pimps and the other is owned by the government? I personally don't give a shit if the NSA knows who I called. The furniture store down the street can spend $7 and find out all about my medical procedure from 2007, and absolutely anything else about my life they care to look into within about 30 seconds. We conceded privacy for the sake of convenience a long, long time ago.

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