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Comment Re:Really Germany? (Score 0) 580

Really? What powerful people wish to ban paintball, and what do they stand gain from it? This is a knee-jerk reaction of people reacting to a tragedy, and willing to try anything to make sure it doesn't happen again, not a vast secret conspiracy to fulfil some nebulous goal of world domination. Just because it's wrong, and unlikely to work doesn't mean it's sinister.

Comment Re:This is not a bad idea (Score 1) 848

By bringing serious study and research to this field, we can shed light on it and evolve the field to be at least in line with current scientific thought. Beyond that, it would also be possible to expand the theological underpinnings of the theory and discover the rationale behind it. How much better off would we be if we finally cleared away all the religious baggage of Creationism and brought it inline with real science?

Clearing away the religious baggage of creationism would leave nothing. So yes, let's do it!

Comment Re:Flatland (Score 5, Interesting) 630

You laugh and mod parent funny, but I actually picked up the book on a whim because I wanted non-fiction. What I got was a kid in a rowboat with a tiger. Back on topic though, I really liked "The Code Book" by Simon Singh, and it has a significant amount of number theory and statistics that is light enough for someone without too much background to pick up.

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