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Submission + - Why a Windows 8 tablet is better than the iPad (

thetechblock writes: Much has been said about the failures of Windows 8 as a desktop, laptop, and tablet OS. According to many, Windows 8 is confusing, frustrating, and even stressful to use. I disagree. In my opinion, Windows 8 makes a better tablet than the iPad.

Submission + - Google Now is the future (

thetechblock writes: After seeing what Google demoed at this years Google I/O conference, there’s no question that Google Now is undoubtedly the future of search.

Submission + - iOS 7 needs to be more than a design upgrade (

thetechblock writes: This seems to be a popular opinion that the primary objective of the on-going redesign of iOS that will culminate in iOS 7 is to get rid of the skeuomorphic illustrations. Many even go on to imply that skeuomorphism is the major problem with iOS today. Though we are yet to see any glimpse of iOS 7, I think the suggestion that skeuomorphism is its bane is nothing but a fallacy.

Submission + - Google Glass: Revolution or revulsion? (

thetechblock writes: There’s a lot being said about Google’s new wearable computer, and not all of it is positive. Even though it’s still very early for this to be considered a consumer device, Glass awareness has crossed over a bit into mainstream. From SNL, to Tumblr people are discussing the tech for better or worse. From the usefulness of the technology, to privacy concerns to social implications, everyone seems to have an opinion on one side or the other about a piece of technology only a few people have actually used.

Submission + - Samsung's Galaxy S4: The gimmick smartphone ( 1

thetechblock writes: When I originally watched the ridiculous Galaxy S4 keynote, I formed a realization about the Korean-based smartphone maker: They focus on creating great demo-able features you’ll almost never use. I’d even go as far as to say that this strategy makes up a significant part of their marketing efforts. They don’t really focus on long-term feature-sets. Instead, they focus on quick, short-term “look at what the S4 can do that your phone can’t” strategies.

Submission + - Apple's stock movement history (

thetechblock writes: Apple. The company that’s captured much of our hearts for more than a decade is now “doomed.” Day after day we see headlines suggesting that Apple is on its way to oblivion. The company is no longer making great products, they say. Tim Cook should be replaced! Supplier woes stir Apple demand fears. We’ve all read these headlines and they’ve clearly had an impact on both the company’s reputation and its stock price.

Submission + - Television is changing and it's exciting (

thetechblock writes: I’ve said for years that I prefer watching television over movies. While saying that has drawn weird looks in the past, it seems like some people are beginning to see the light and come to my side.

Submission + - The 5 design books you should read (

thetechblock writes: Maybe you’re an engineer, or maybe you work with a designer. Or maybe you think that design is about using Photoshop. Maybe you just care about design.

If any of these are true, then there’s a lot you can learn by reading and understanding these books. They’ll help you understand how to solve problems for people out there in the real world.


Submission + - Bankers comparing bonuses? There's an app for that (

colinneagle writes: A mobile app available in the iTunes App Store is designed for and marketed specifically to bankers who'd like to compare their bonus checks with one another.

Banker's Bonus 2013, from nEuroRecovery Ltd., invites bankers to compare their 2013 bonus to others' around the world in order to "make sure you're getting what you're worth." The app costs $11.99.

Users can submit their bonuses in U.S. dollars, British Pound Sterling, or Euros, as well as their location, job title, years of experience and division. The app also provides an option to show what bank the user works at. So, if enough bankers use the app, it could become a reference to see which banks give the largest (and smallest) bonuses to their executives.

The Internet

Submission + - Pretty design isn't always effective design (

thetechblock writes: "“In most people’s vocabularies, design means veneer. It’s interior decorating. It’s the fabric of the curtains of the sofa. But to me, nothing could be further from the meaning of design. Design is the fundamental soul of a human-made creation that ends up expressing itself in successive outer layers of the product or service.” – Steve Jobs"

Submission + - Who dropped the ball worse, Microsoft or OEMs? ( 2

thetechblock writes: "I want to like Windows 8, I really do. Ever since Steven Sinofsky stood up at Wall Street Journal’s D10 conference a few years ago and revealed the dramatic reimagining of Microsoft’s prized operating system, I’ve been hooked. It just made sense to me: Instead of lugging around a tablet and a laptop, why not converge the two? And so I waited"

Submission + - The case for weakening iOS App Store sales (

thetechblock writes: We have seen a pretty significant drop in sales over the past 12 months in the iOS App Store. I spent much time first beating myself up over not adjusting faster and then forgiving myself and trying to understand why it occurred. I have come to four conclusions of what could be impacting our sales:

Submission + - Why I didn't want to be a developer (

thetechblock writes: I always had a strong aversion to the idea of being a developer. From what I saw on TV, the life of a software engineer did not seem glamorous or interesting at all.

But I wanted to do my own startup and knowing how to code is a game changer. So, despite my baseless prejudices, I took a shot at being a developer, and it’s been more thrilling, rewarding and empowering than I ever could have imagined.

Operating Systems

Submission + - We need more operating systems (

thetechblock writes: "I expect some innovative OS research is being done in universities. I hope so anyway. How much of it will wind up in real systems is anyone’s guess though. With the operating system becoming less and less important for most average users there isn’t the same incentive for companies to adopt new technology these days."

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