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Comment Audit & quality (Score 1) 290

The OpenBSD project spends a lot of time on audits, but I know little about this process. How does it work? Do you just read the code and look for bugs based on experience? Do you use tools? Is there a audit-specific skill set that separates auditors from regular programmers? Are there specific books about audits that you would recommend? What is the best piece of code you have ever seen (or written?). Also, non-system programmers talk a lot about TDD and unit testing, but system programmers in general do not do that. Do you have an opinion about those techniques?

Comment People like apps (Score 4, Interesting) 480

There is an entire generation of people out there for whom mobile apps, mostly on iOS and Android, are the way in which they do their computing. The more successful apps are usually very well-designed with incredible user interfaces, an area where free software has not achieved much success, and sold at very low prices and, in many cases, also monetized through stolen personal data.

It appears to me that the GNU project is mostly ignoring this important area - I am aware of Replicant and F-Droid but these are well behind their proprietary counterparts at the moment. What should we do? Ignore mobile and hope it goes away, try to get onboard with Replicant and F-Droid, try to bring in a new generation of free software developers that is native to the mobile environment, or avoid the mobile "ecosystem" completely and try to work on the hardware side and try to make free hardware that is not inherently trackable/centralized and then run free software on top of that instead?

Comment Re:or stop hiding... (Score 0) 377

Where your argument falls apart is here: if he had taken a flight and gone to Sweden and found guilty he would probably be out of jail already. Instead he is still effectively "in jail" in an embassy, with no end in sight to that situation, and he is still not free from the possibility of being arrested in the future.

The fact that the British government has deployed rather high tech surveillance equipment against him kind of shows that there is something more going on than just an attempt to grab some random dude who did something wrong.

Comment Latency (Score 2) 277

Well, to begin with, for Netflix latency doesn't matter. It's streaming. As long as there is sufficient bandwidth and not too much packet loss it's going to work.

The poster's experience with the Internet is probably as bad or better than what people have to live in most of the world that isn't the US or Europe.

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