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Honestly, this is the same type of argument :)
"...but yer honor, how could I have gotten all of these leet warez? Anytime I would have wished to download any one of them, I would have an individually, incredibly tiny packet. Furthermore, I would have downloaded only half of each packet in half the time, and a quarter of the packet in a quarter of the time. So you see, I could never have downloaded anything at all, and Dell must have put this Ukrainian copy of Left 4 Dead on my computer when it was shipped!"


Vista Slow To Copy, Delete Files 494

Bruce Schneier has said that trying to make digital files uncopyable is like trying to make water not wet. With Vista, Microsoft seems to have done a pretty good job of making premium content files not copyable. Now a few readers have tipped us to a new wrinkle: Vista also makes it very, very slow to copy, rename, or delete ordinary files. Here is a Microsoft TechNet thread on the problem. The Reg reports that Microsoft has a hotfix for what sounds like a subset of the more general problem complained about on TechNet; but they will only give it to customers who ask nicely. And a hotfix is fussier to install than a proper patch.

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