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Comment Re:Speak simply (Score 1) 133

I think that it depends on the languages. Google translate does fairly well between English and Danish because they have similar word orders. The software can just translate each word individually and in order, and the result will be somewhat coherent.

Although written Danish can sort of be understood by Anglophones, spoken Danish is totally brutal. This app could make be really useful in that way.

Repulsive Force Discovered In Light 176

Aurispector writes in with news that the Yale team that recently discovered an attractive force between two light beams in waveguides has now found a corresponding repulsive force. "'This completes the picture,' [team lead Hong] Tang said. 'We've shown that this is indeed a bipolar light force with both an attractive and repulsive component.' The attractive and repulsive light forces Tang's team discovered are separate from the force created by light's radiation pressure, which pushes against an object as light shines on it. Instead, they push out or pull in sideways from the direction the light travels. Previously, the engineers used the attractive force they discovered to move components on the silicon chip in one direction, such as pulling on a nanoscale switch to open it, but were unable to push it in the opposite direction. Using both forces means they can now have complete control and can manipulate components in both directions. 'We've demonstrated that these are tunable forces we can engineer,' Tang said."

Comment Re:The band in question (Score 1) 317

Capital of Florida? That's a pretty obscure piece of information for a "non-American" (what a term by the way!!) to know. You might as well ask what the Kentucky state gemstone is.

Do you know what the capital of New Brunswick is? Prince Edward Island? Nunavut? ...and Canadian provincial capitals tend to be important cities, unlike in the US.

And it's Tallahase anyway.

Submission + - Canadian passport security full of online holes

twilight30 writes: Tuesday's Globe and Mail is reporting that 'A security flaw in Passport Canada's website has allowed easy access to the personal information — including social insurance numbers, dates of birth and driver's licence numbers — of people applying for new passports. The breach was discovered last week by an Ontario man completing his own passport application. He found he could easily view the applications of others by altering one character in the Internet address displayed by his Web browser. "I was expecting the site to tell me that I couldn't do that," said Jamie Laning of Huntsville. "I'm just curious about these things so I tried it, and boom, there was somebody else's name and somebody else's data." That data included social insurance numbers, driver's licence numbers and addresses.'

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