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Submission + - Kerbal Space Program Played By Real Astronauts and Space Scientists

An anonymous reader writes: Kerbal Space Program is the indie sandbox game that lets you build rockets that are simulated using a physics engine, it's popularity has spread beyond gaming into space industry professionals. Former Astronaut Ed Lu, who's day job includes 'saving the world from killer asteroids' sat down with Scott Manley to see if his experience would help him. And it turns out that there are employees at JPL who are quite obsessed with the game.

Comment For every geek that's wanted to fly to the moon (Score 4, Interesting) 64

Capt'n Skunky here! I'm one of the Community Managers over at KSP and wanted everyone to come on by the forums or stop by our IRC channel on #kspofficial. We've got a great community full of people willing to help you get that rocket into orbit.

Thanks for melting the servers Slashdot, and we mean that in a good way! :)

Capt'n Skunky
KSP Community Manager

Comment Re:OT: sales tax question (Score 1) 655

I never understood by laws aren't written in with a plain English section that specifies the "intent", to be used as guidance by lawers and judges later.

If laws were simple and easy for the average person to understand, there wouldn't be as big a need for lawyers. Since most laws are written and enacted by former lawyers, you can begin to see why.

Comment Re:What is the economic motive? (Score 1) 655

The "D" words works, but the "G" word gets every cop from 10 miles around a big stiffy. When there is a gun involved, the chance a cop will get to fire his goes way up. This always gives cops a raging boner. Had she added the G word to the D word, a lot more than 2 squad cars would have showed up.

Comment Re:NASCAR (Score 1) 717

The worst part of driving in the DC/MD/VA area, especially the Beltway, are the visitors. We get people from all over the US visiting the nation's capitol and we have a shitload of foreigners and diplomats as well.

It makes for some really nasty driving. I spent 3 years driving in this shit as a courier and had to quit because I would start to rage really bad.

It's so bad, just reports of approaching snow will turn the roads to shit before the first flake even falls from the sky.

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