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Comment First? (Score 0) 51

It may be the first that's dedicated to just video games, but the Strong Museum of Play ( in Rochester, NY has been Preserving games via the International Center for the History of Electronic Games ( on top of traditional games / books and stories for many years.

Comment Optimize for what they already have! (Score 0) 187

My android phone is going down the same road my last windows machine did. Constant reboots, apps stop syncing, no network access, dropped calls, freezing apps, inexplicable application behavior, etc... . Maybe someone ought to fix what is in the wild before it causes people to jump ship (iphone 5 anyone?)

Comment Taking it to the masses (Score -1) 121

Netflix is really one of the only companies on the net to stop worrying about the technology and build kick-ass applications to provide a great service to their users. Although the implications of this on the network / device stack could be staggering[ly bad for networks], I think it's a truely powerful, world-changing 'app' that potential to take the internet from what it is today to further displacing traditional media outlets and actually 'synergizing paradigms'. ( Yes, I do feel dirty for my blatant utilization of the web bs generator:

Comment Re:Bad answers. (Score 0) 244

Agreed, When you look at other 'stacks' in the computer world, what drives adoption of the OS / Database, etc.. is the stuff higher in the stack. For example: I don't ever want to buy Oracle database, I want to buy which REQUIRES Oracle. Same goes for the OS (with the exception of the mighty few found here on /.) nobody really wants an OS b/c they WANT an OS. They have a job to do, and getting that job done involves . To get the job done efficiently, they will buy whatever 'stack' is required. If canonical, with the momentum they've gained can look Adobe, etc... in the eye and say "Get yourself onto this platform or you will surely die"... THEN you'll see the uptake.

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