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Comment so what? (Score 0) 1

he dumped toxic waste from 1996 to 2008. i dont know the flow but think it was enough to do (!)ecological harm
"The mill, built in 1966, can produce 200,000 metric tons of pulp and 12,000 metric tons of packaging paper per year"
one year was sufficent i think

Submission + - British film 'Creation' banned in USA ( 8

thesappho writes: "From the story : "British film 'Creation' will not be coming to the United States because of its controversial theme. While the film opened the Toronto Film Festival to rave reviews, the religious undertones surrounding this Darwin biopic appear to be to much for the U.S. ". It seems that the film could not find even one distributor to be aired. Is this a kind of banning? negligence? censorship? or business decision?"

Comment (Score 1, Insightful) 344

Q: How will this compare with other open source foundations?

Other foundations are targeted at particular projects, platforms, or applications, such as Firefox and the Mozilla Foundation, or Gnome and the Gnome Foundation. We wanted a foundation that addresses a full spectrum of software projects, and does so with the licensing and intellectual property needs of commercial software companies in mind. Having said that, we expect the Codeplex Foundation to be complimentary to, and not competitive with, other open source foundations. One measure of our success will be if other foundations experience an increase in participation from commercial software developers because of us.

Have they not visited

Comment Verbatim translation (Score 0) 1354

I have a question for my unfortunate geek-mates, and yes, although everyone have same feelings like me I am the only one with guts to shoot the question. I never left my room, only to stare with my computer screen; there for I have never get laid. Lately I got bored from my right hand ( yes I tried left hand method also but corns on my hands tell the story), I like to use my weener for its right purpose. But I am not sure if it works and if it is how will I get to that point. I am making this sentence to boost confidence of /. readers to increase the possibility to get help, and I know they share the same situation - though there might be some bastards that may be really did it. So I am begging you (for the sake of my cat/pets), is it just a dream or is there any slightest possibility that I get get laid? :)

Comment Re:Install Ubuntu (Score 0) 823

You are correct. Most people start computing with windows. If you have 2 groups of people with no computer knowledge or experience and give one group computer with any linux distro and other windoze you will see that group of linux newbies produce much less problems and also will annoy you with 'how can I....' questions. It seems that linux infrastructure is far more logical that new learners may solve their problems. With windoze there are less 'logical problems'. But in linux 'problems are logical' :).

My sister has no experience with linux. One day i installed pardus (a turkish distro) but after installation i installed an additional hdd. So when grub tries to load pardus it gives error. So in every startup by pressing 'e' i correct the true hdd number (yes for 5 days I was lazy enough to edit menu.lst :)). One morning my sister phoned me and asked why she cant start windows (you have to correct the xp drive also). She only does IE and msn (and move mouse and click left mousebutton (and gives clicks 'yes' when a dialouge appears (she says that when she clicks yes dialouge annoys you less))). She edited (manage to enter edit mode in grub) and corrected the xp partition (I did not remember the drive letters) and started windoze by phone less than 2 min. It was a small step for mankind but a HUUUUUUUUGGEEEEEE step for her.

I would rather die than making her use 'cmd' in windoze. Because 2-3 times I had to remote assist her (with tightvnc of course) and I couldnt manage her to get ip address with 'cmd - ipconfig' in half an hour!!!!

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