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Bing Search Tainted By Pro-Microsoft Results 582

bdcny7927 writes "Just as Bing is gaining popularity, some disturbingly pro-Microsoft and anti-Apple search results are rearing their ugly heads. Case in point: a search on Bing for the phrase, 'Why is Windows so expensive?' returned this as the top link: 'Why are Macs so expensive.' That's right. You're not hallucinating."

Comment Scientists know science (Score 1) 670

While evolution by natural selection and global warming and both fairly fundamental phenomena that should concern anyone who is trying to understand the world at large, they are both still scientific topics. That is, they were both discovered by scientists, explained in the language and culture of science, and are justified with scientific methods. No matter how much the layman should understand these topics, should it really be a surprise that people who are extensively trained in science, otherwise known as scientists, understand scientific topics much better than the public at large? Scientists have expertise in science, and that is clearly shown in the numbers here.

Submission + - Wikipedia CC BY-SA Rollout Underway (wikimedia.org)

mlinksva writes: "After years of work by the Wikimedia Foundation and Free Software Foundation, an overwhelming community vote and WMF board approval, the rollout of Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike as the primary content license for Wikimedia sites has begun with English Wikipedia — see the site footer and ToU. I recently speculated about the potential impact (and how to measure it) of the licensing change on the growth of free culture."

Comment Your health is not at stake (Score 1) 182

"Medical care is full of information waivers, much like EULAs, only with your health at stake."

This is sloppily worded, but let's be clear that medical privacy is not the same thing as "your health". If someone sees my private medical records, it doesn't make me sicker. If anything, more eyeballs would tend to make me less sick, as medical errors would be more likely to be caught.

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