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Comment Just... meh. (Score 1) 201

Scraping the bottom of the entertainment barrel, are we? 'Snot funny, even to /b/tards; nothin' against it, it just lacks enough humor to qualify as funny. And while it probably wouldn't make a dent, I can half-imagine some little script kiddie saying, "omg /. bork'd rulz wun n tew? imma chargin mah lazorz!" and targeting /. w/ his LOIC...

Comment Seriously? (Score 2, Insightful) 1186

This questions was actually Slashdot-worthy? Ya know, unlike a certain other board, Slashdot actually was good at some point in the past... But to answer the last question I'll ever answer here: tattoos are meant to be personal. If you have to ask someone else if/what you should get permanenly marked on your skin, you should probably not be considering getting a tattoo at all. Operating under the assumption that you'll go ahead with it, are there mathematical formulas and/or symbols that actually mean something to you on an emotional level? Those are what you should get. Seriously, though, don't take any answers from here. If you do, you'll be just like every other tattooed hipster douchebag trying to be socially ironic: permanently stamped with FAIL.

Comment Re:Been there, done that. (Score 1) 350

I applaud you, good sir. I went so far as to read your comment to my wife. Her response: "That's class." You've garnered much respect from us. I understand why you posted as AC, but we wish we knew who you were, that we might boost your sales and readership...

Comment Personal Favorite (Score 1) 855

A guy calls up and says, "Yeah, they told me I need your help. I got this card in the mail, and I need to put an e-file in my modem." Turned out the card was a 3.5" floppy, the e-file was a database update, and the modem was his CPU. The rest of the call consisted of me getting the job done by remote control, all the while ignoring him throwing about tech terms and buzzwords he'd heard somewhere and had no inkling of their meanings.

Submission + - Quakecon 2007 registration opens

NULL_ptr writes: "Quakecon 2007 registration has opened. BYOC spots are limited so hurry if you intend to register.

QuakeCon is a free convention held every year in Dallas, Texas. Thousands of computer gamers from all over the world convene there with their computers to make one of the largest BYOCs in the country. Besides being able to play against people on the LAN, there's tournaments, prizes and vendors showing their latest games and technology. QuakeCon is sponsored by ID Software, makers of the Doom, Quake, and Wolfenstein series of games.

Last year there was only 1,800 BYOC spots, but this year there will be 2,700 spots!"
The Internet

Submission + - The RIAA is trying to kill internet radio

sgeirk writes: "The Copyright Royalty Board (CRB),announced the new Soundexchange royalty rates, which could spell the end for many independent webcasters, not to mention the simulcast signals for many commercial and non-commercial radio stations. In a nutshell, rates are going to double between now and 2010. Even webcasters who stream through services like Live365 may be in jeopardy, as such firms' business models never envisioned a royalty rate this high. For more information on this story go here."
The Internet

Submission + - Candian VOIP Provider down, second time in a mont

OmniBeing writes: "From my blog: an-voip-provider-down-second-time.php

The beginning of the month is turning out to be a curse for Canadian VOIP provider Primus Tel. Last month a late night firmware upgrade involving the companies customers using Dlink hardware encountered an error that locked up the devices and their clients Internet connections, shutting out many customers for days, some even for weeks. The company attributed this to human error, and it is understandable that these things happen. To it's credit the company has stepped up and offered those affected a $30 credit on their bills.

In our age of always on communication we regard outages as big events that shouldn't happen, even though they are ultimately inevitable. As such we should point out the Primus Talk Broadband service (VOIP) like many VOIP providers have an Out-Of-Service roll over feature that allows calls to be routed to landlines or cell phones when their systems are knocked off line, a feature we don't really see in Traditional POTS Systems.

It's seems however that this evening, March 2nd 2007, has provided another challenge to the Primus customer base, support and engineering staff. At approx. 18:00 mst the entire network went dead and as of this writing is still down. The Talk Broadband forums on the companies customer portal quickly filled up bringing it to a crawl with complaints of phones such as mine just started ringing incessantly and refused to produce a dial tone. This is yet another frustrating example of the unpredictability of VOIP technology.

As fragile as it seems though, when I ask myself if it was worth switching from POTS lines to VOIP, I have to answer yes, because even though the last month has been wrought with problems, the prior year wasn't and the control and features, not to mention the price point, make the occasional glitch bearable. After all, it's not like a cable cut hasn't taken down a POTS system for days on end. At least with VOIP, the problems are logistically easier to fix, and likely to come back fast, and with Out-of-service forwarding, I'm not likely to miss call.

Do you feel it's worth the risk? Has switching to VOIP been a mistake or a benefit to you?"
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Best Buy Bustsed

tashanna writes: "Best Buy has gotten caught with it's hand in the proverbial cookie jar. It looks like Best Buy has an alternate version of their site that was used to deny price matches versus

State Attorney General Richard Blumenthal ordered the investigation into Best Buy's practices on Feb. 9 after my column disclosed the website and showed how employees at two Connecticut stores used it to deny customers a $150 discount on a computer advertised on

Blumenthal said Wednesday that Best Buy has also confirmed to his office the existence of the intranet site, but has so far failed to give clear answers about its purpose and use.
Of course, it could all be a simple misunderstanding. Fortunately, A Connecticut Attorney General has volunteered to sort all it out."

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