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Nerds Still More Likely To Get Bullied 480

trashbird1240 writes "Reports on a recent meta-analysis of bullies and victims found that bullies and victims have similar personality traits, but that bullies tend to do poorly in school, as opposed to those who get bullied. Both bullies and victims are poor social problem solvers, but they resort to different tactics to handle their social ineptitude. To me this represents a huge leap forward in understanding nerd psychology."

Comment Re:That happens when its BOTH high-fat and high-ca (Score 1) 507

I actually am on a rather strict weightlifting diet and I understand that modern societies palettes are greatly biased towards salt/sugar. If I have more than 2 tablespoons of ice cream (non-fat frozen yogurt variety) I'll start to get a headache that will get worse if I eat more sugar.

Now there are times when a sugar bomb is good for your body (e.g. right after working out when you just burned all your immediate energy)

The thing is, a diet is a personal choice though. I've chosen to live a healthier life myself and if somebody doesn't want to make healthy choices, waving the ban-stick on foods is really just us legislating morality which is not the job of the g'ment.

Comment It depends on what you want to do (Score 2, Informative) 2

If you're planning on being a web programmer that just contracts out business apps or non-cutting edge stuff then math, while it would be helpful, wouldn't be a necessity. TBH most of your clients wouldn't want you to give a math-heavy presentation (and by math-heavy I mean anything above algebra). They'll probably just want to hear Web2.0AJAXHTML5 or something along those lines.

BUT... if you plan on doing anything in the scientific/engineering/gaming fields or being a trailblazer with technology then math is probably the most useful skill to have. I've done work on Real-Time Embedded systems where you have to be absolutely sure that your algorithm is going to run in the time you've planned and you better be able to prove it to your boss. Also, having a solid foundation with Calculus and being able to min/max variables to optimize your algorithms are invaluable. And although most Linear Algebra functions are built in to modern languages it's still good to know what's actually going on instead of just relying on the method.

Math is going to teach you now just how to do something, it's going to give you a better insight as to why you're doing what you're doing and why it's working they way it is. Math helps you understand WTF is happening on a fundamental level if you're doing something complex and plus, math is not language specific. If you can translate something into an abstract math formula then you're able to abstract a problem down and then solve it in the best way possible.

Comment Mod Parent Up (Score 1) 844

This is why there's a difference. I have a degree in software engineering and that's what my job is. I started out above the average paygrade with a BS since I also worked a lot on some OSS that I could show my employer.

If you sit back, get a technical degree and expect a high starting salary reality is going to hurt. If you work your ass off, volunteer on something outside of school then yeah you can expect a good starting salary.

Believe it or not, most software engineers make good money, programmers on the other hand are hired by Walmart to be code monkeys (not joking, Walmart hires a lot of programmers).

Comment Re:Hope and Change, baby! (Score 1) 528

How many single mothers? How many people from poor families? How many, say, don't have enough money to own a home? But don't mind me; continue bragging about your unrepresentative democracy.

How many politicians fit that description anywhere??? They might have been a single mother, poor or at one point didn't have enough money to own their own house but it sure as hell wasn't when they were running for office. You know why?? Because they wouldn't have enough time to run for office when they needed to spend that time earning money to make a better life for themselves.

(Side Note: we're not a Representative Democracy (e.g. Rome) but a Federal Constitutional Republic)

Comment Re:Hope and Change, baby! (Score 1) 528

Well said! And after we throw the fat cats out of washington, we can rid the world once and for all of computers, hula hoops, and fax machines!

You're comparing computers, hula hoops and fax machines to people that hold power over others? Granted there are some here that under the sway of the tyrannical computer but we're all under the boot of the government!

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