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Submission + - How to get Gmail to unblock an IPv6 netblock

theonlyholle writes: "For the last couple of weeks I've been trying to somehow get Google to unblock an IPv6 block on their Gmail platform. The problem is that seemingly only one or two spam emails from an IPv6 address seem to trigger their automatic filter and cause it to reject further emails from the entire /64 block to be rejected due to an "unusual" amount of UCE. Of course it's not all that unusual, since I have a few customers who forward their incoming email to Gmail and occasionally a spam email slips through my spam filters. What's really annoying is that a) the filter is on such a hair trigger (I have no such problems on IPv4) and b) there seems to be no way of getting Google to adjust their filters. Has anyone been successful in getting through to Google and having an IPv6 block permanently unblocked?"

Submission + - Checking email for TLS support now easy (ismymailsecure.com)

theonlyholle writes: Finding out if a certain email address is able to receive email securely with TLS based encryption has always been a bit of a hassle, as you had to check every single MX manually. So I wrote a little web tool for myself and some colleagues, which is now open to the general public. Just enter an email address (the left part really doesn't matter, it's just so it's more end-user friendly) and the tool will tell you which MXs accept email for the domain and if they support TLS. Of course you still need to be sure that you support it on your end as well... try it at http://www.ismymailsecure.com/

Submission + - How to sell to a pirate (po-ru.com)

theonlyholle writes: "Paul Battley has an excellent blog post on "how to sell to a pirate" that shows how artificial restrictions on media distribution kept him from paying for the content he wanted to see: "At any stage up until the last, you could have had me as a customer, if you were willing to supply it there and then in a format I could use. However, because of licensing, region coding, and DRM, my best option was the 'pirate' one.""

Submission + - petition to switch off iPhone autocorrection (please-let-us-disable-autocorrection-steve.com)

theonlyholle writes: "A swiss web designer has created an online petition asking Apple to allow users to switch off the auto-correction feature on the iPhone. This has long been one of the more annoying features of the iPhone firmware, especially since it gives preference to its own suggestions over what the user typed. German speaking users have been particularly plagued with the iPhone's strange obsession with umlauts..."

Submission + - The trouble with the latest AJAX gimmicks (po-ru.com)

theonlyholle writes: "Paul Battley hits it spot on in his blog article on the pains of using so many AJAX pages on small screen devices today. Using the oh-so-popular lightboxes as an example, he shows how they take away user choice and usability (not just, but especially on devices like the EeePC). Commenters suggest that most designers hate these features, but customers want them anyway and sales people are happy for the extra hours to bill them for."
The Courts

Submission + - GPL upheld in court

theonlyholle writes: The GPL has been upheld in court in Germany in a case brought by gpl-violations.org against D-Link. D-Link claim to be happy with the result and the fact that the GPL is now tried and tested...

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