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Journal themusicgod1's Journal: Canadian Turing Test

So I installed QQ awhile back, because I'm a musician and it's in my best interest to be available 24/7 to my fans, or prospective customers or whatever. QQ is like ICQ, only it's just used in china/by chinese expats/etc. This person randomly sent me a message awhile back, but I was afk. Finally, today we connected:

(04:27:25 AM) Hey... :
(04:27:42 AM) Hey...: hi
(04:32:02 AM) 469273075: hello?
(04:31:37 AM) Hey...: goodevening
(04:34:32 AM) 469273075: who is this?
(04:33:54 AM) Hey...: who is this ?
(04:35:26 AM) 469273075: this is jeff. you are?
(04:35:46 AM) Hey...: this is Amy..
(04:36:35 AM) Hey...: what do you do ?
(04:38:13 AM) 469273075: Have we met?
(04:38:26 AM) 469273075: I just got a new job as a programmer
(04:38:46 AM) 469273075: you?
(04:37:47 AM) Hey...: congratulation..
(04:38:52 AM) 469273075: thanks
(04:38:00 AM) Hey...: i am a student
(04:38:23 AM) Hey...: your english is not bad
(04:39:38 AM) 469273075: uh thanks
(04:39:46 AM) 469273075: what kind of student?
(04:39:34 AM) Hey...: senior
(04:40:54 AM) 469273075: senior what
(04:41:02 AM) 469273075: highschool?
(04:41:16 AM) 469273075: where are you by the way
(04:40:15 AM) Hey...: yes
(04:41:35 AM) 469273075: ?
(04:41:43 AM) 469273075: i am in Canada
(04:40:56 AM) Hey...: stupid
(04:42:01 AM) 469273075: ?
(04:41:11 AM) Hey...: i am not a stupid
(04:42:26 AM) 469273075: ??
(04:41:45 AM) Hey...: Canada?i from Mars
(04:42:56 AM) 469273075: seriously I'm in Canada
(04:43:02 AM) 469273075: I'm a born Canadian citizen
(04:43:51 AM) 469273075:
(04:43:57 AM) 469273075: rather

(QQ disconnects)

(04:45:32 AM) 469273075: did you get that last line? : )
(04:42:29 AM) Hey...: show me the evidence
(04:44:41 AM) Hey...: no
(04:46:44 AM) 469273075: hmm
(04:46:46 AM) 469273075: well
(04:45:43 AM) Hey...: are you really a Canadian
(04:46:49 AM) 469273075: yes : )
(04:45:58 AM) Hey...: o my god
(04:47:09 AM) 469273075: my federal riding is Wascana, its elected member of parliament is Ralph Goodale
(04:47:23 AM) 469273075: I worked at the NDP campaign office during the past month
(04:46:54 AM) Hey...: what is NDP
(04:48:18 AM) 469273075: we just got about 7 inches of snow (17 cm) about two weeks ago but it melted
(04:48:47 AM) 469273075: it's a political party, a lot similar to your CCP than prime minister harper's conservative party(which is currently in power in Canada)
(04:49:04 AM) 469273075: *'a lot more similar to your CCP' rather
(04:49:23 AM) 469273075: but it's an interesting question, having to prove my canadianness ;)
(04:50:46 AM) 469273075: It's kind of like being asked to prove that I'm a human being and not a robot
(04:50:50 AM) 469273075: it's a hard thing to do
(04:51:55 AM) 469273075: sorry I must have been typing too fast and got disconnected
(04:52:00 AM) 469273075: : )
(04:52:38 AM) 469273075: so where are you?
(04:52:50 AM) 469273075: and what would convince you that I am indeed from Canada?
(04:48:50 AM) Hey...: i am not very understand
(04:48:54 AM) Hey...: this
(04:51:24 AM) Hey...: that's all right
(04:53:23 AM) 469273075: no problem
(04:53:39 AM) 469273075: I can try to be more clear whenever you wish
(04:53:30 AM) Hey...: thank you, my english is poor ...
(04:54:47 AM) 469273075: no problem
(04:56:03 AM) 469273075: I probably should know some chinese but I don't : (
(04:55:04 AM) Hey...: why do you use QQ to communicate
(04:56:18 AM) 469273075: because how else would you have found me ? : )
(04:56:07 AM) Hey...: your words are too small to be seen

(I make font bigger)

(04:58:27 AM) 469273075: Hmm I have a similar problem with chinese font sometimes
is this better?
(04:59:17 AM) 469273075: If I wasn't on QQ you would never have found me : )
(04:59:33 AM) Hey...: i just plus you by chance
(05:00:46 AM) 469273075: exactly
(04:59:57 AM) Hey...: i think you are chiness
(05:01:03 AM) 469273075: nope
(05:00:09 AM) Hey...: by misetake
(05:01:19 AM) 469273075: no problem : )
(05:01:25 AM) 469273075: so you are in china somewhere?
(05:01:40 AM) Hey...: yes ,but is the QQ used so widely in the world?
(05:02:48 AM) 469273075: not really
(05:02:42 AM) Hey...: are you in china now?
(05:03:48 AM) 469273075: no
(05:03:52 AM) 469273075: I have never been outside of Canada
(05:04:04 AM) 469273075: I might have been to america once when I was a baby, but that's about it
(05:03:27 AM) Hey...: o .../fdmy god~~~
(05:03:38 AM) Hey...: ha ha
(05:04:57 AM) 469273075: : )
(05:06:02 AM) 469273075: when I was very young, I was in a french school
(05:06:23 AM) 469273075: and we would make candy by dripping maple syrup in fresh snow
(05:06:38 AM) 469273075: and not the fake american maple syrup either, real quebec maple syrup
(05:07:28 AM) 469273075: the snow would be moist, sticky snow -- it would be early in the winter just like it is now
(05:06:29 AM) Hey...: well ..that sonds funny
(05:08:39 AM) Hey...: can you talk with me in chinese?
(05:09:54 AM) 469273075: I am willing to try but I do not know chinese : (
(05:10:13 AM) 469273075: wa bo doung : (
(05:09:15 AM) Hey...: what a pity
(05:11:06 AM) Hey...: Look! you know a little chinese ....
(05:12:21 AM) 469273075: :
(05:12:23 AM) 469273075: : )
(05:12:05 AM) Hey...: BYE BYE !I MUSE
(05:13:21 AM) 469273075: talk to you later perhaps
(05:13:06 AM) Hey...: ur 88!!~~~

It's a good question; how does one prove that they are, in fact, Canadian? I know the Canadian Government is having a little trouble, having turned away thousands of citizens from the polls in the last election. If our own government has a hard time being convinced, you know that there's at least some doubt there. So what is it? Is it our innate knowledge of how to make love in a canoe? Is it our almost encyclopedic knowledge of things related to winter? Cultural references? If so I'm probably a lot less Canadian than I am "Internet". Is it that we speak english in a certain way? Not only does writing make it hard to show this, but in the age of the internet l33tsp34k has blurred this boundary as well. How does one do it?

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Canadian Turing Test

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