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Comment Re:Wow. Just wow. (Score -1, Troll) 640

MICRO evolution is observed, provable science. MACRO evolution is NOT observed, provable science. Rather, it is a THEORY. An attempt to explain where we came from. We cannot prove that any species has ever evolved from another. We see fossils that, if you choose to see it that way, suggest that it might have happened. There is no proof. Nor will there ever be, unless somebody invents a time machine. So, if Theories can be confirmed or falsified, how does evolution qualify? Also, is there not a difference between a theory and a Theory? Why do we keep using the value of one Theory to imply that another must be equally valuable or correct? Relativity, Gravity, etc., being right (or even someday proven) does not make Evolution any more (or less) right itself.

We all believe what we choose to believe. There is no proof of any theory about how we came to be. If you don't want to be beholden to an omnipotent creator, than just don't believe in Him. There is no reason to be upset when others see things differently. I have found no compelling evidence that evolution MUST be accepted. Is it feasible? Maybe. Is it more feasible than creation? Why should it be?

Some people believe in God because they need Him to be real. Others just like the idea. And some see the evidence and can come to no other conclusion.

Likewise, some people believe there is no God because they need Him to not be real. Others just prefer that He not be there. And some see the evidence and can come to no other conclusion.

Nobody has all the answers. Nobody knows much of anything for certain. That is what we should be teaching our children. Let them learn to think for themselves, ask questions, and look for answers.

Comment Re:Wow. Just wow. (Score 1) 640

Can we please stop comparing the Theory of Evolution to the Theory of Gravity? That the Theory of Gravity is only a "theory" does not lend credibility to the Theory of Evolution.

Fact: Gravity exists. No denying it.
Theory: Gravity exists because of an object's mass. Absolutely provable? No. Generally accepted? Yes. Maybe gravity has nothing to do with mass, and the earth just sucks.

Fact: Life exists. No denying it.
Theory: Life exists because of evolution. Provable? Not at all. Believable? Only if you want to. Generally accepted? Seems to be. Maybe evolution has nothing to do with life, and there is a creator. Maybe not. Can't prove it either way, so it is only a theory.

Scientific Theories are attempts to explain what is an undeniable, observable fact. They might be correct explanations, they might be wrong. Some are widely accepted, some are not. One being accepted does not mean that all should be.

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