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Personally  *Monday May 06, 2013 @05:39PM 1 5, Funny
   attached to Bill Gates: iPad Users Are Frustrated They Can't Type Or Create Documents  *Friday December 01, 2006 @05:29PM 1 4, Informative
   attached to NIST Condemns Paperless Electronic Voting
Stop taking the fun out of life!  *Thursday February 10, 2005 @05:41PM 4 5, Funny
   attached to Pfizer and Microsoft go after Viagra Spammers
Why is this here?  *Thursday September 30, 2004 @11:41PM 1 -1, Offtopic
   attached to Senator Alleges White House Wrote Allawi's Speech
Re:From TFA...  *Tuesday September 07, 2004 @10:29PM 1 4, Interesting
   attached to California AG Says He'll Sue Diebold
Re:what are those mini-Vegas' for?  *Monday June 07, 2004 @05:44PM 5 5, Insightful
   attached to Native American Wireless ISP Launched
Grokline  *Monday May 24, 2004 @02:45PM  -1, Troll
   attached to Usenix President - Linux Needs Better Paper Trail
Big name retailers win, consumers lose again!  *Friday May 07, 2004 @12:43PM 1 3, Insightful
   attached to Record Labels Push for iTunes Price Hike
The dawn of a new age of Math... and Science!  *Tuesday April 06, 2004 @10:31PM 1 2
   attached to Are Computers Ready to Create Mathematical Proofs?
The Money Shot  *Friday April 02, 2004 @07:59PM 7 5, Funny
   attached to SCO Changes Tune, Again: Linux Now Just a Riff on Unix
Usenet Precident  *Saturday March 06, 2004 @03:25PM 4 2, Interesting
   attached to Harlan Ellison vs. AOL Judgment Reversed
Because I'm so sure that MSN users are that smart  *Wednesday March 03, 2004 @07:17PM 5 5, Funny
   attached to MSN Search Blocking Results For XFree86?
Bring 'em on!  *Friday January 30, 2004 @02:03PM  1
   attached to Maryland Electronic Voting Systems Found Vulnerable
Re:i don't understand the value proposition  *Friday December 12, 2003 @12:55PM  1
   attached to Music Industry Develops Centralized File-Sharing System
Wrong comparison -- Software is excludable.  *Friday August 08, 2003 @05:17PM  1
   attached to Free Software as a Public Good
In other news...  *Tuesday August 05, 2003 @11:23AM  -1, Offtopic
   attached to SCO "Disappointed" by Red Hat Lawsuit
Yep that'll work... For about three seconds.  *Thursday July 24, 2003 @09:54PM 3 4, Interesting
   attached to Cringely Proposes a Music Sharing Alternative
Why, why, why?  *Sunday July 06, 2003 @12:35PM 4 5, Insightful
   attached to Filesharing Up 10% After RIAA Threatens Users
But of course...  *Thursday March 06, 2003 @05:40PM 1 2, Interesting
   attached to Cornell Implementing Bandwidth Charges
When will they realize...  *Friday February 28, 2003 @07:07PM 8 5, Insightful
   attached to Johansen Prosecutors Appeal
Real-World Application  *Monday February 10, 2003 @09:45PM  1, Flamebait
   attached to Why Do Google Hit Numbers Vary?
How does Microsoft Audit?  *Wednesday January 22, 2003 @12:28PM 1 4, Interesting
   attached to Microsoft Loses Showdown in Houston
Not that cool...  *Thursday December 05, 2002 @12:24PM 4 4, Funny
   attached to William Shatner Replies
Just a trick...  *Thursday September 12, 2002 @05:25PM 1 1
   attached to Star Trek: Pick A Plot

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