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Submission + - Groupon Deal Of the Day: 300,000 Customer Accounts (itworld.com)

itwbennett writes: "The customer database of Groupon's Indian subsidiary was published, unsecured and unencrypted, on the company's site for long enough to indexed by Google. Australian security consultant Daniel Grzelak, Tweeted the news and also notified Groupon, which 'was amazing at providing a swift and full response,' Grzelak said on Twitter. 'They deserve credit for their reaction.'"

Comment Re:Global Warming Heretics (Score 1) 656

Easy answer: Cost. You're not understanding the other side if you think their goal is wanting more pollution, more shitty water, more shitty air, more shitty soil. There's a cost associated with being greener. If you offer me the choice between two products, one that's polluting, one that's green as grass, and the cost is the roughly the same, absolutely I'll choose the greener one. However, if I have to pay a 50% premium to save the environment, then I'm sorry, but given the economic state we're in, I'm probably going to choose the cheaper one. So here's your assignment: find ways to produce things, do things, etc, that are both greener AND cheaper. You do that, and the whole discussion becomes moot, because everyone will be on your side.

Comment Re:Lack of demos. (Score 5, Insightful) 1085

I'd push this even further. If I can't return AFTER I buy, I don't buy. Too often, the try before you buy amounts to a demo that amounts to a movie trailer - all the decent content compressed down into a few minutes. With just about every other product on the market, if you buy something and determine it's crap, you can just return it. If that happens with a game... well, sorry, but you're screwed. Game publishers need to institute return policies. Yes, some people will absolutely take advantage of them and return just about everything. On the flip side though, you're boosting sales numbers by quite a bit, a good number of those WON'T return the game as long as it's decent quality, and even if they do return it, you still got to hold onto their cash for a month or so (free loan) with virtually no cost.

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