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Comment Re:Lubuntu (Score 1) 627

I can't say I agree with you at all. Their reasoning behind the switch to Firefox from Chromium is due to Firefox's superior ability to stay stable on older hardware, especially as Lubuntu is primarily designed to run on slower hardware. Additionally, they're adding several features to speed up performance in the next major version including a tool called zRam which I have yet to investigate. Overall, it seems like they are focused on their primary goal, a usable operating system with the power of Ubuntu, but without the crap and the ability to run on older/slower hardware.

Comment Guess we should all give up. (Score 2) 475

Dear DMCA lawyers, Fuck you, I will do what I want until I'm arrested. Then I'll keep giving you the finger until people see reason and bring these laws down. I urge all who have the opportunity to continue practicing civil disobedience against laws that unfairly benefit large corporations, or for that matter any law that is contrary to basic rights.

Comment Re:Learning markup (Score 0) 370

It's already available at (somewhat affiliated with Wikipedia). It's crap. I end up using the regular wiki markup which is much more controllable and looks nicer. It really isn't that hard to learn. And in terms of messy markup, that's because people didn't take the time to clean up their markup. It's easily fixed.

Comment Re:Yes, Vega Strike!!! (Score 1) 227

I tried playing for a while also. The game is very deficient in many many areas.

For starters, the learning curve is quite steep. When you begin the game, there is little indication of how to navigate your way around. Once you've figured out the controls, you'll probably get yourself killed quickly as the enemies in the game are more than your match as soon as you go to a slightly hostile world. Killing things is a pain, and combat frankly is quite unexciting.

Also, once you've been to about 5 planets, you've been to them all. Scenery is decent in space, but still becomes boring after a few hours. If you like doing things over and over and seeing the same things over and over, this is your game.

Playing on Linux, I also got a few segfaults which ended my playing. The game is definitely buggy.

On the plus side, the game has pretty realistic physics which I tend to like. I think the devs have created a good framework for a potentially good game, but what it really needs is more developers to start creating content and fluidity throughout the game. Bug fixes are important too. Art designers would also make the game way better. And since the game is fully FOSS, any developer who wants to help out shouldn't have a problem.

Comment Re:Missing the point. (Score 1) 297

I agree. I'm in school right now as a CS student and I'm finding the upper level math courses to be more an exercise in useless theorems better suited for a grad course..especially since you would need to be planning to go into a scientific programming field for any of it to be of any use.

Comment Solution (Score 1) 748

Microsoft integrates the virus protection. It hires out all the employees in the AV companies that have actually been finding the viruses (and not bogging the system down). Hire more people to make the operating system more secure so that the AV doesn't have to be so omnipotent. Problem solved.

Comment Audio software (Score 1) 1880

Unfortunately, being a musician, I've found Linux professional audio software to be numerous, buggy, and a lot of work to just "get working". In Windows, I can fire up Reason, FL Studio, a numerous amount of VSTs, and plenty of other DAWs (digital audio workstations) and make my ideas come to life within minutes. Macs, the same. With Linux however, there are only a few reliable and stable programs for professional audio, and almost none of them function smoothly and seamlessly like the proprietary DAWs. Their is spread between different programs and while that works for many other aspects of Linux, for a musician, it stifles creativity leaving less time to actually create the music, sounds, effects, etc. The few good programs for Linux that I've used: ardour, renoise (proprietary), audacity.

Comment Re:Use Gentoo (Score 1) 487

LFS has only one use - teaching you how to build a distribution should you want to be the next Red Hat, SuSe, Gentoo, etc. It does not belong any where near a real Linux installation - server OR desktop.

Do you have any reasons why "it does not belong any where near a real Linux installation"? Gentoo is, perhaps, even worse than an Ubuntu distribution in many circumstances. Unless you really know what you are doing, you're very likely to break things on a Gentoo distro.

If you won't want to use Gentoo, then use Slackware and install everything from source yourself. That's the only thing better than using Gentoo. And even LFS is sissified in comparison.

Also I'm betting you've never installed LFS. If you know what you are doing, you have almost ultimate control over your system with LFS. I'm betting the reason most people don't run it as a server is because it would be way too much effort to learn how to build an entire operating system just to run a server. Oh and let me know if you can think of a reason why it's "sissified".

Comment Re:Not a Mac dumb down, please (Score 1) 803

power user? sorry to bust your bubble but neither KDE or GNOME were ever meant much for power users. Try a customized tiling WM (awesome, i3, dwm; I personally use musca). Or if you must, use Openbox. Once you get the hang of it and customize it how you like, your productivity will shoot up (get used to those shortcut keys).

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