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Comment Performance (Score 2) 75

I was going to make a snarky comment about the relatively low performance of phones vs more general purpose machines, but I am generally impressed with the performance of modern mid to high-end phones. If you can obtain performance similar to what was available on an average desktop in ~2005, but at a small fraction of the power consumption, that seems like a win to me.

Comment Distance to terminals (Score 1) 326

One issue I see, at least for passenger flights, is the distance that one would need to taxi to the appropriate terminal (especially if landing from an unusual direction). The difficulties could probably be negated by using more general purpose terminals, which seems feasible with better mass transit and faster people-processing. Also, could lead to increased response times for emergency services if something did go wrong.

Also, 2 miles diameter seems rather short to be landing modern airliners on. Even smaller aircraft (e.g. B737, A320) tend to require no less than 1200m (the proper requirements are usually significantly higher) to land safely, and ground steering is not possible until the aircraft is at relatively low speed. Even if the track was banked somewhat (disregarding any aerodynamic/stability issues with this), it seems likely that a much larger radius would be needed. Increased tire wear and lateral stresses on the landing gear are also a possible concern.

Personally, I believe the even-numbered n-gon arrangements that are being suggested by people here retain enough of the purported advantages of this setup that they are what should be considered.

Submission + - Robots could solve the Lionfish ecological disaster (

SkinnyGuy writes: Lionfish are an invasive species that are destroying our coral reefs ans fisheries. The non-profit RISE (from iRobot's Colin Angle) has a plan to use robots to fish these Lionfish and serve them up to us on a delicious, golden platter.

Submission + - A 21st Century Version Of OS/2 Warp Appears To Be About To Be Released (

dryriver writes: A company named Arca Noae is working on a new release of the X86 OS/2 operating system code named "Blue Lion" and likely called ArcaOS 5 in its final release. Blue Lion wants to be a modern 21st Century OS/2 Warp, with support for the latest hardware and networking standards, a modern accelerated graphics driver, support for new cryptographic security standards, full backward compatibility with legacy OS/2, DOS and Windows 3.1 applications, suitability for use in mission-critical applications, and also, it appears, the ability to run "ported Linux applications". Blue Lion, which appears to be in closed Beta with March 31st 2017 cited as the target release date, will come with up to date Firefox browser and Thunderbird mail client, Apache OpenOffice, other productivity tools, a new package manager, and software update and support subscription to ensure system stability. It is unclear from the information provided whether Blue Lion will be able to run modern Windows applications.

Comment Re:Come on guys (Score 1) 320

I did a fun little experiment with Win 10 developers preview; after it expired, I rolled back the system date... this allowed it to boot one last time. After running for a few hours, it bluescreened with a message "SYSTEM_LICENSE_VIOLATION", and appeared to self-destruct... it would not even attempt to boot after that.

Comment [tinfoil]Artificial scarcity ![/tinfoil] (Score 5, Interesting) 167

Is it more reasonable to assume that the markets have legitimately drained the supply, or that the whole industry is keeping a lid on it? SSDs seem to have become nigh ubiquitous on the convertible laptop/tablets, and an extremely common upgrade for even low-end laptops... Also, older news on this (i see things dating from Q4'16) offered the suggestion that relief might be coming by now.

At any rate, let's just hope that as many manufacturers as possible survive as long as possible to avoid establishing one of them as the WD of NAND. Hopefully things will stay competitive for a while longer.

Comment Just my own paranoid, delusional speculation here (Score 1) 353

I would not be too surprised to find out that the ads were meant to through up a smoke screen to drown out the more significant technical/privacy complaints in the "mainstream" media. I don't actually see much to suggest that this is what is happening, but I still would not be surprised.

Comment Re:Just turn off Windows Updates via Services (Score 1) 68

Can always make some batch files for using "sc" if you don't want to bother with loading the services manager... be mindful of the space after the =. Also, setting them to run as administrator is probably necessary, unless you've done something about UAC.

Disable with:
sc config wuauserv start= disabled

Re-enable with:
sc config wuauserv start= auto

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