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Comment Re:I love this story. (Score 1) 361

Actually, no, I read the fucking article.

It spoke about how the amount of pop music on men's playlists decreased and leveled off around their mid-30s. That's why I specifically mentioned that my music library has a lot of pop music, and it's why I mentioned Ariana Grande, a current pop singer.

From around 15 to 25, musical tastes expand quickly, and the share of mainstream music on a listener's playlists decreases before leveling out in the mid-30s.

I could mention all of the other genres in my music library, but they wouldn't be as relevant to what it actually says in the actual article that I actually read.

Comment I love this story. (Score 1, Interesting) 361

As a kid born in the early 1980s, I mostly listened to pop.
In the mid-1990s I started listening to mostly what would then be called "alternative rock".
In the mid-2000s, I switched to mostly pop.
In the 2010s, I'm listening to mostly pop and dance music, with a lot of EDM, and some hip-hop. My musical tastes are wider than ever.

As I post this I'm listening to the last song added to my music library Ariana Grande's "One Last Time".

Comment Re:The (in)justice system (Score 5, Interesting) 291

-or they would have to be more selective about what they prosecuted.

5-17 year old took a nude picture of herself? Well I'd *like* to prosecute that, but I'm too busy prosecuting this other case.

Kill in clear self defense? Again, I'd *like* to prosecute that, but I'm too busy prosecuting this other case.

Can you imagine how horrible that would be?

Comment Re:Any actual examples? (Score 1) 598

Or enter a different name completely. Note that that's not an apology. It's just something that will accomplish what you're trying to do. Once you enter a different title and no other songs have the same mistake then it won't present that suggestion. This behavior is still unacceptable.

The problem is that iTunes is autofilling what you're typing, but is using a list of all similar items(song names, artist names, et cetera, including the item you're trying to replace). It's fine to include a list of all similar items, but what's already there should not be a suggestion for what you're trying to enter there.

Comment Re:Flip the switch (Score 1) 247

I'm not sure what it would mean. For all we know, maybe there's only one sentient being, and maybe they're reading this(or wrote it), and maybe they created this simulation and just don't remember doing so.

If the universe is a simulation, the fact that other bodies act in ways that approximate my own activities is not itself definitive proof of their consciousnesses. Or maybe some have consciousness but not all.

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