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Comment Re:Done us all a favor (Score 4, Insightful) 629

unless your opinions on the history of WWII differ from the "official version"

This statement does not make any sense, in no country in Europe it is illegal to debate about history.
In Germany and Austria there are laws against denying the (well documented and absolutely non-desputable) crimes of the Nazi's ( in Austria it's the

This has nothing to do with "disagreeing with the official version", the was passed shortly after WW2 and was/is there to prevent the spreading of lies and misinformation that and pro Nazi propaganda.

Regarding your other points, yes, there is racism in any country, and the European ones are no exception,
but compared to the US, the situtation is a lot better in a lot of European countries.

And now that was enough time spent responding to flaimbate ^^.

Comment Do they tell us? (Score 5, Informative) 91

I have a root server from Hetzner and got the disclosure mail, which was very detailed.
Customer data was compromised, including the hashed/salted passwords and the last 3 digits of credit card numbers (which should not really be an issue).

This is not the first major breach at Hetzner, in 2011 managed server account passwords were compromised as well.
Back then they advised customers to reset the passwords for all accounts for the admin panel.

The interesting question... is Hetzner sloppy about security, more so than it's competitors, or are they actually more vigilant and/or more forthcoming about breaches?
I have the uncomfortable hunch that we do not hear about a lot of breaches at all the cloud sevices/hosters out there.

Comment Invasion (Score 1) 65

I for one would welcome a Dothraki invasion by those islanders. I look forward to shivering at the mere mention of our name, looting, pillaging and wreaking havoc. As long as I'm back home in time to watch the next Game of Thrones episode, that is.

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