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Submission + - Lenovo VP of Design 'might think about' building a retro Thinkpad (

An anonymous reader writes: In a recent blog post, David Hill thinks loudly about designing and possibly releasing a retro thinkpad that reminds of the IBM thinkpad of olden days. While already having a clear idea what this product line should look like, he is hesitant to commit to making this a thing. With a blue enter key, 16:10 display, dedicated volume controls, rubberized paint, a 7 row classic keyboard and more, this might be a new take on a solid heritage.

Revised Mass. Gambling Bill Won't Criminalize Online Poker 104

travdaddy writes "As reported on Slashdot only about a week ago, a passage of a gambling bill in Massachusetts would have criminalized online poker. That passage has been stricken due to the help of a grass-roots organization called the Poker Players Alliance. It 'quickly got the message to all of its Massachusetts members — around 25,000 people — and over 1,000,000 nationwide to make their voices heard; apparently lawmakers were listening since the language making online poker illegal — and online gaming in general — was taken out of the legislation.' Another Massachusetts bill may even 'take [poker] completely out of the gambling genre' and make it legislated as a game of skill."

Comment Re:The same F500 and military that use Windows? (Score 3, Insightful) 179

.. I won't lose a blink of sleep over them using Apple products. This guy had to have physical access to the iPhone to crack it, and even then the iPhone did not start sending its data out over the Internet along with a virus payload that formed a massive botnet that crippled Internet bandwidth.

That is because they are completely different cases with completely different mechanisms to prevent them. You're talking about the ability to load a spambot or something on a mobile device. The encryption is there to ensure your address book is safe, your calendar is safe, any photos and other data are safe. Not to ensure the device does not run arbitrary code. The problem with the data encryption being crackable within an arbitrary length of time is a large issue, as it is meant to be protection regardless of where the device lies, in hands or not.

My understanding is that the encryption in the 3GS is not meant to prevent a user with physical access to the device from accessing the data

That is exactly the purpose of encryption.

enÂcrypt (Än-krÄpt) tr.v. enÂcryptÂed, enÂcryptÂing, enÂcrypts

1. To put into code or cipher.
2. Computer Science To alter (a file, for example) using a secret code so as to be unintelligible to unauthorized parties.

So yes, it is a major issue, as it circumvents what the encryption is meant to accomplish.

Comment Re:My office mate from India (Score 1) 355

At least the way I see it, it's not a case of "taboo" and more just a general lack of desire; to me it's a sign of affection, albeit a less personal one. Just like I wouldn't hold hands with a woman I'm not in some kind of serious relationship with, or at least have a great deal of affection for I wouldn't hold hands with a male friend. Maybe there is some of the "it makes you homosexual" to hold a man's hand in there somewhere, but I think the way I was brought up and the way most people I know were brought up it's more that it's reserved as a sign of affection. (Canadian, maybe us Canadians are just weird, I don't know)

Comment Re:Site seems to break (Score 1) 848

It breaks on everything except for IE because it's an aspx download manager that it spawns to load-balance the download among their servers and get you the fastest possible speed. Myself and a few friends experienced the same problem in firefox on our linux boxes and had to resort to running to IE and a windows box to perform the download.

Xbox 360 Finally Getting Blu-ray 174

Starturtle writes "Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer had admitted that Microsoft had been working on support for Blu-ray under Windows during this year's Mix08 conference. Rumors began to swirl and many began to expect Microsoft to announce a Blu-ray peripheral for the Xbox 360. However, Microsoft came out and denied all rumors, stating that they were not exploring any kind of Blu-ray add-on or in talks with Sony about integrating Blu-ray into the Xbox experience. After months of rumors and denials, the Xbox 360 with a Blu-ray disc drive is due to be manufactured soon and shipped in Q3 of 2008. Pegatron Technology, an OEM subsidiary of Asustek Computer, is reported to have received the winning order from Microsoft for a Blu-ray equipped Xbox 360."

Submission + - Five Things Every Software Developer Should Know (

BBrown writes: Saper Law Offices, the same Chicago law firm that has been mentioned here twice before for their successes against the RIAA, has posted a blog article on the legal issues surrounding software development. The article, titled "Five Things Every Software Developer Should Know", gives a concise but informative legal tutorial on patents, trademarks, and trade secrets. Definitely a must-read for anybody involved in a small or personal business doing software development.
Operating Systems

Submission + - Plan 9 ported to Blue Gene (

airwick writes: "A team from Bell-Labs, IBM Research, Sandia National Lab, and Vitanuova have ported Plan 9 to Blue Gene compute and I/O nodes including support for Ethernet, Torus. Collective, Barrier, and Management networks. A live demo will be given during the USENIX poster session. Screenshots are here."

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