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Comment Why not rethink the plane? (Score 1) 286

Solar power - lots of area needed. Not nearly as energy dense as combustible fuel. Instead of replacing the jet engine in a 747 with an electric fan, why not rethink the plane?

Remember airships? Lot's of area for panels, plenty of lift for passengers/cargo. If the electric motor didn't have to propel the plane at 400mph to generate the lift required, solar powered forward thrust is totally doable.

Just means air travel won't be as fast. And it'll end up even safer if the airships don't use hydrogen :)

Comment Re:resonance (Score 1) 107

Marching in-step over a bridge...I remember that episode well..

They built a suspension bridge. Then promptly neglected to SUSPEND the damn thing. The main cables were simply attached to the ends, but it wasn't a cable-stayed design. It was meant to be anchored to the ground! It could barely support itself much less resonate.


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