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Comment Interesting (Score 1) 1

According to this, it is actually a "security feature" in systemd: This does break the principle of least surprise, though, and it does mean that you have to both enable lingering and start the process with systemd-run - failure to doing so will result in all your processes being terminated as you log out. It might turn out to be a great security feature, it needs to be made "opt-in", imho.

Comment Re:Fact checking (Score 1) 359

blocking installation of software that comes from anywhere except the official Application Store -- false there are multiple ways to install software used routinely: developer's installation capabilities, enterprise and academic servers, 3rd party app stores included with cloud MDM agreements...
Compare that to download from anywhere & install, which is the way with FSF software ? Apple is blocking you from doing this, that is what they mean. The developer installation/distribution method is braindead, you have to sign the package for the each and every target device. Now yes, you can get some agreement with Apple if you are big, successful, and/or have cash ...

regulating every use of movies downloaded from iTunes -- I'm not sure if they mean the iTunes application or the iTunes cloud services. Of course they mean DOWNLOAD from the Apple iTunes cloud services.
Go try and play that video on your GNU/Linux box.

How is it helpful for the FSF to word things in ways that lack nuance to the extent that they are just provably false?
The Apple software distribution model prevents John Smith from releasing software for iOS without getting approval from Apple in any feasible way. That is a fact. The alternatives are not feasible for a single dev outfit.
As for the iTunes movie claim, if you do not understand the meaning of "download" in this day and age, nobody can help you.

Comment Apple, Apple, Apple (Score 1) 865

Apple's claim is ridiculous! They claim that the copy from the mini to the master imaging system is illegal ... How many mac shops (as in companies using a lot of macs) do that? Is that illegal, why is this function available to boot off the a central OSX server available then (MS admins, think of RIS)? BTW, this does mean I cannot back up my Macs with time machine .... damn! Can I get time machine to use the root of a drive where I installed Mac OS X from the DVD, I think not ... The copy to ram can only be a violation if Apple can get the judge to agree that modifying the software to run with Psystar computers was illegal ...

Comment Re:Dinosaurs (Score 1) 326

I think the telco's are ripping everybody off ... with outrageous margins they manage to make quite substantial profit with "low" investment and that is the stock exchange's wet dream. They had a high investment curve when they started off because the infrastructure needed to be built and that was expensive ... this has changed today, though. The result is a quite dense cellular network operated by a select few, who think shares and short term profit all the way. In the country where I live, you buy a pay-as-you-go card of any operator, it says 20 euro on the card, not how long you can call with it, and it is valid for two weeks, iirc. When you go into a store and ask for advice on which provider to choose, the vendor says: "Which provider is used by most of your friends? Find out and come back". They all have the same price scheme with little (if any) variation, calling a subscriber of another network costs more. The local equivalent of the FCC has fined them incredible amounts because of price-fixing so the prices have gone up across the board - because we have to pay for the fines ... ;-) and things still have not changed, they all have the same opaque pricing system ... and you seriously think they are going to open the network to all kind of traffic?

Comment Re:They are fsck'ed and shares go up? (Score 1) 233

I have bought a microsoft press book and a microsoft mouse (COM port mouse) many years ago, that's all the money they got and will ever get from me ... BUT, I just think that Microsoft is not something worth investing in because the future is looking gloomy for them, that's what I intended to point out, they are fsck'd and ppl buy shares? WTF??? ;-) they can only fall now and they are ... slowly but surely. That is why I do not get why ppl invest in them ... like investing in titanic while it is sinking ;-) ... wait a few years, that they stabilize, then invest, no way the shares will rise very much in the longer term now ... As for the statistics: If you took the time to read, you would have seen the professional side of things is much more important than the home business, XP and win2k were the same, except that xp had a fisherprice ui. So for businesses, that should not have made a great deal, however, look at the statistics ... they contradict what you say ... how many ppl upgrade from Me to XP pro? thought so, they go for home editions ... look at home editions ... ppl liked Me, preferred 98 - I agree, both lame excuses for an OS ... Me was a lousy attempt by MS to make XP look good, which it never has been! They even tried to hide the DOS foundation in Me, LOL! I liked win2k, lean, mean, sober, no bs or fuss OS and worked with it until 2003 ... then I switched to linux (desk)/MacOS(laptop) at work, which I used at home already since ~1997(linux) and 2001(MacOSX).

Comment They are fsck'ed and shares go up? (Score 1) 233

I do not really get all this crap about stock & shares ... I would certainly not put any money in that company ... Besides, since Microsoft have so harshly defended software patents, they should increase the fine 10 fold! Besides, product activation and GA and all that crap has "significantly" increased Microsoft's revenue stream, get the facts! check the increase from 2001-2002, oops, that's when XP came out with product activation .... ahhhhh, that's why the figures double, then .... wintards!

Comment Re:For my fellow USians.... (Score 1) 495

You should simply say US Americans, how hard can it be? And change the dictionary if it is wrong! When you write "Americans", please remember you include those villain commies down south (Venezuela), you would not want to be assimilated to them, would you? Thought so! PS: I have nothing against commies, social democrats or the like ... thanks to them I have 27+ days off a year ;-).

Comment Re:Heh. (Score 1) 378 is wrong, how can the US be a democracy when it does not even have a "form of government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them or by their elected agents under a free electoral system"? Who is ruling America is the big question, and I seriously believe it is not so much the president anymore, the last American president who had a say was shot by "his very own" administration.

Comment Re:Another attack of the spin monkey... (Score 1) 194

They did not seriously believe that MS would sell large #'s of SLES licences in enterpsie (high rev for MS) markets instead of Windows? How many ppl on this planet really believe MS is committed to selling any substantial number of SLES licenses, seriously? Can somebody please remove the CEO of Novell? That guy has less brains than my goldfish!

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