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Comment Re:I thought it was Rust. (Score 2) 125

It's a very cool and enjoyable language but it's obviously not being used in a ton of major projects right now. Who would have thought that the biggest commercial languages would actually be the most used languages in general?

Rust is being used in production though. Check out Rust's site. There's a page listing off a good amount of serious projects. SmartThings is even using it, I don't know in what capacity though. Doubtful that it's in an embedded capacity. Probably backend shit.

Comment Re:The Last Days of Club Leftism? (Score 1) 75

Why are gender identity issues such a huge fucking deal? Who gives a shit. You realize that failing to actualize an identity during adolescence is very unhealthy and usually leads to very real psychological issues, right? Like literally one of the key elements in collecting yourself as an identity in Erikson's stages of development is coming to terms with sexual identity. If these people feel this way, why is it literal nuclear meltdown? Maybe these people are actually hurting and aren't just trying to make your life worse by feeling sexually comfortable?

Comment Re:The Last Days of Club Leftism? (Score 2) 75

Is a business pandering to sexual acceptance really among the most disruptive and imposing societal affects you can think of? Can you really even compare this to stereotypically socially-right behaviors like voting against abortion clinics and literally deciding that entire countries of people aren't allowed in the US, even if they're a US citizen and visiting their family?

It's really mind boggling. Left-wing bullshit is really played out, but it's hard to find a victim other than tortured souls like you that have to read words on their computer screen.

Comment Re: In other news... (Score 1) 205

>fringe cases mean that we should completely discard obvious correlations

This is a really obnoxious train of thought. Any time you say something like "people who use 3rd-party software tend to be more capable computer users" you are guaranteed to have someone come along and say something retarded.

You realize that your anecdotal evidence is completely irrelevant, right? If I was at a roulette table and wanted to put money on which computer users knew what they were doing, you can be assured that my money is going on arch linux and icecat. I use mac and google chrome, yet somehow I don't feel the compulsion to try to prove numbers wrong.

Comment Re:Perhaps "some", but not all (Score 1) 203

If you think scanning radio stations is at all comparable to using the internet to discover music, I'm not sure what to tell you. Anecdotally, I can sit down for about an hour or two, listen to 100 different artists in varying depth, and find maybe 3-5 that I like.

My standard practice is "similar artists", bandcamp tag search, and somewhat aimless youtube/soundcloud browsing.

Scanning the radio is more optimal?

Comment Re:Maybe Better Music Would Help? (Score 2) 203

I think what a lot of people are missing with this topic is that most (all?) of the people who actually care about music have long since migrated towards the internet for music discovery. What incentive do radio stations have to play music that music enthusiasts like if music enthusiasts can sort through the entire history of recorded music on the internet in significantly higher quality?

The radio caters to people unwilling to use the internet to discover music, which should say quite a bit about the type of music they will play.

Comment Re: He should sell the remainder... (Score 1) 198

So the entire industry is transitioning towards tablets and cell phones that can host a full desktop environment, and you're suggesting that they will just cash out and continue selling regular smartphones?

Apple has patents that predate Windows 8 and Ubuntu Mobile (unity 8 as a concept too?) for a universal touchscreen + desktop UI, that would mark the unification of OSX and iOS. The only reason they aren't making a move is because they know iOS is their golden boy, and making the move now would be self-cannibalism. Steve Jobs apparently pushed for the iPad to be a small mac rather than a large iphone, which makes absolute sense.

Someone needs to light a fire under their ass though, the most recent product cycle was mediocre. Hackintosh is the only option for anyone that actually wants an upgrade.

You'll find me first in line to buy such a device. Phones and tablets just don't fucking do anything.

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