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Comment Re:But why? (Score 1) 146

It seriously wasn't. Linux was horribly difficult to work with, and get work done with, in 1993. Windows 3.1x was also horrid in 1993, and most people ran some version of DOS with memory extenders and various TSR programs (like Norton SideKick)

In 1993 I owned a NeXTstation, and that was indeed a a lot better :-)

Comment Re:Just a question on Jira stability (Score 1) 70

I've found Atlassian's products to be great, but the latency when used from Europe (at least Norway) is so bad that there is just no way for us to use it :-( It's not always slow, but at least for some hours of the day we're talking 4-20 seconds before a page refreshes. We have a confluence site up that nobody uses just because of this issue. I know we could host it ourselves, but I have neither the resources nor the patience (Jira seems to need a lot of tlc to keep running).

Comment Re:There is no incentive because they PAY for it! (Score 0) 316

"Unlimited" is a very easy word to understand, and I'm sure it has a definition in Webster etc. If they don't mean unlimited, then they should call it something else. If they call it unlimited, then you should be allowed to trust your understanding of the English language to know what you're buying. If you're planning on using 500GB/month and you only get 30GB/month, then the service they're delivering is clearly not what you bought. I don't understand why this is so difficult to understand.

Comment Re:correlation, causation (Score 1) 387

There IS definitely a link between excessive testosterone and the lowering of sustained logic, reason and mental stability and order. (Just as there is similar evidence liking excessive estrogen with similar behaviors among women) What happens to people, both men and women when they are on steroids? That's been well established in the medical sciences for decades.

Except that it hasn't. If you're thinking about the so-called "roid-rage" phenomenon, it is mostly media created and in any case has nothing to do with normal uses or levels of testosterone. Remember that people who use steroids to get bigger muscles use more than 10 times the replacement dosage(!)


The Steady Decline of Unix 570

stinkymountain writes "Unix, the core server operating system in enterprise networks for decades, now finds itself in a slow, inexorable decline, according to Network World. Jean Bozman, research vice president at IDC Enterprise Server Group, attributes the decline to platform migration issues; competition from Linux and Microsoft; more efficient hardware with more powerful processor cores; and the abundance of Unix-specific apps that can now also run on competitor's servers."

Submission + - Mt. Gox halts USD withdrawals ( 1

hypnosec writes: World’s largest Bitcoin exchange, Mt. Gox, has halted US dollar withdrawals of customer funds in the US citing reasons of system improvement. According to Mt. Gox the exchange has experienced a huge number of requests for deposits as well as withdrawals from both established markets as well as new markets following which its bank hasn’t been able to process transactions on time in a smooth manner which has led to difficulties for its overseas clients especially those in the US. The exchange reassured that the deposits in USD, transfers to Mt. Gox, deposits and withdrawals in other currencies will remain unaffected during this period. Mt. Gox will be resuming the USD withdrawals for its US clients once the improvement of its systems is complete.

Submission + - SPAM: Boarding school learning disabilities

Gary Schneider writes: "For students with learning disabilities, the current public school system cannot provide the individualized attention they need to understand the concepts that their peers have more success with in the classroom. The situation is more dire for male students who both have higher rates of learning disabilities as well as lower overall rates of academic achievement in the public school system. While specialty programs designed for students with learning disabilities exist in some school districts, an even better option would be to enroll your son in a private boys school."
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