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Comment Re:No assigned seats (Score 2) 156

We - large Canadian bank - have X-30%, and I think that's fairly normal. We also have an on-line booking system for desks that is only accessible from the office - which forces people to come into work every day and, effectively, sign-in. If there's no desk then you can either camp out in a meeting room, go find a nearby cafe with free wifi or go home again. It's a total nightmare.

Comment ha, these guys are total beginners! (Score 5, Interesting) 156

Those of us unlucky enough to find ourselves working for Canadian banks in tech don't even have desks of our own. I, for example, work in a hot-desking dungeon where I have to book a desk by the day and carry my meagre belongings around in an old shoe-box. I had a manager for a while who even made us move desks during the day, because that was agile! I long for an office environment only as unpleasant as an open plan one, I really do.

Comment why no RICO act charges? (Score 1) 200

The much bigger question here is why aren't the executives of the relevant firms being criminally prosecuted under the RICO act? If we really want to see an end to these kinds of practises, a few of the people at the top need to be seen doing the perp walk. Fining a few of the world's richest corporations even a few billion dollars will be totally ineffective, they'll just put it down as a cost of doing business and I can guarantee you they won't then start to hire each other's staff aftewards.

Comment it depends on the degree (Score 1) 546

I was lucky enough to study in a department that made all computer scientists write a lot of code. I often interview CS grads these days however who've basically done none. To answer the original question though, the combination of being able to code, having been taught to do the basics well and having a good theoretical foundation in algorithms and other areas of CS is unbeatable. Being a self taught coder with good experience who does it for the love of the art is better than having a low quality CS degree and no interest in programming though.

Comment GUI technology has regressed since the 90s (Score 4, Insightful) 161

Think about just how much work is now needed to display a simple GUI on a number of different devices. Something that a single developer could once have cooked up themselves now takes teams of designers, UX people, UI coders, back end coders and the rest to do. Really, we should chuck it all out and just start again.

Comment Silicon Valley runs out of code-monkeys! (Score 4, Insightful) 59

A cynic might say that some of the donors are not exactly disinterested parties here. I, in think in common with a lot of people on Slashdot, learned to code for the love of it and then found myself in an industry where programmers are, how should be put it gently, treated like scum? If it made good economic and social sense for parents to push their kids towards a career in coding, initiatives like this would be an irrelevance.

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