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Comment Re:a better question (Score 2, Funny) 706

Ummm, you don't exactly know what you're talking about. Using this original statement

He thought it was unfair that
#1 he had to pay for children's education
#2 he had to pay for incentives so that children would take advantage of #1

For the entire statement to evaluate to TRUE (that is, it was unfair), both terms must be true. Therefore, you cannot short-circuit the statement unless the first statement is false. So, if we're saying that he doesn't need to pay for children's' education then it can be short circuited. This has nothing to do with the current conversation and wasn't really suggested which means that the only thing that matters is the second term. I may be pedantic, but I'm also right...

Comment Re:What's DARPA about it ? (Score 3, Informative) 129

Ummm... Yeah, 'cause I know a lot of boyscouts who can cover 3 million square miles of territory in 9 hours... I'd say the point was to see how people would use technology to build quick awareness of events over a large area. Seeking out insurgents or terrorist cells might be a practical military application of this technology.

Comment Re:stop supporting the product if you dont like it (Score 1) 555

Actually, based on profit margin, Wal-mart is not nearly as effective at retailing as many other companies (like Kohls). The difference is, they're a lot bigger. For example, to make $5 profit, Wal-mart needs to sell something like $95, but Kohls, for example only needs to sell something like $50. Wal-mart is in the same boat K-mart was in about 20 years ago and sinking pretty fast. It's just not obvious because they have such a huge share of the market. Discount retail is interesting right now because the biggest companies seem to have forgotten that customers have choices.

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