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Comment The Machine Stops by EM Forster (Score 1) 293

Maybe this is not relevant, but I was amazed out how accurately this hundred year old book described modern society.

No one produces anything but they use screens to share ideas. They share with others who may be near or far but never face to face. The screens give a vague approximation of the person on the other end. Everyone is happy until the machine stops working. When it does, they complain about it on their screens.

Comment Re:Don't bother (Score 2) 448

seriously, dont bother. I use RHEL at work. It's really cool and has a bash shell that is way better than Cygwin. But i can't play music (you don't get mp3 codec by default and I haven't been able to figure out how to install it). Many YouTube videos don't play (I'm not sure why. They work fine on windows or a Mac). I can't get flash to work in the browser which renders things like rhapsody useless (I followed all the instructions given to me by adobe and google chrome but it still doesn't work).

The fact is that Linux looks better and better each year, gets more and more user-friendly but at the end of the day it doesn't do most of the stuff that non-techies do with their computers (listen to music and watch cat videos). I'm sure it's possible but I'm a reasonably smart dude who is comfortable in a unix environment and I haven't been able to get it to do any "fun" stuff. Your friends are going to hate it.

Comment Re:Digital is superior (Score 1) 405

digital audio, regardless of the bit-depth and sampling rate, will NEVER truly represent the analog wave form. the analog wave form is the music in its purest form. your ears are analog and so is the sound source (the guitar amp or piano). even if you are playing a digital synthesizer, at some point, the sound will get converted to analog (headphones or speakers) so your ears can hear it. digital audio turns that smooth analog wave into a stair-step. again, it will never completely, truly and accurately reproduce the analog wave. we are stuck in a format with the CD that is 16-bit, 44.1KHz. higher bit-depths and sampling rates will create a stair-step that is a closer representation of the analog curve, but it will never be exactly there. there's a point as you approach the limit where it's unlikely that anyone would be able to tell the difference but, given the move toward easily downloadable distribution, no big player is giong to invest in that 48-bit, 192KHz format (or whatever - i just made up those numbers). I think this is why vinyl is the best option (and I'm not a "vinyl guy" - I have maybe a dozen or so records and 10,000+ digital audio files). despite its flaws, it's readily available and produces the full sound of the source material in a way that the CD (or mp3, etc) cannot. it's weird to think that we'd already reached the peak of audio fidelity without even realizing.

Comment Re:How can that be? (Score 1) 978

OK - first off: you can't turn fat into muscle. you can lost fat and gain muscle but one doesn't turn into the other. second (this one is actually a question) for years and years I've heard people say "muscle weighs more than fat" - can anyone tell me definitely how much more? is it 1% more? 50% more? 600% more? "more" is not a very useful term (in this case) without quantification

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