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Submission + - Amazon AWS US-EAST-1 having issues (

the_webmaestro writes: According to the Amazon AWS Status page a 'few' sites that rely on S3 are having issues:

Increased Error Rates
We've identified the issue as high error rates with S3 in US-EAST-1, which is also impacting applications and services dependent on S3. We are actively working on remediating the issue.

Submission + - Remembering AlexKingOrg (

the_webmaestro writes: Matt Mullenweg wrote a note on his blog Remembering Alex King:

One of the original WordPress developers, Alex King, has passed from cancer at far too young an age. Alex actually got involved with b2 in 2002 and was active in the forums and the “hacks” community there.

You might remember Alex King from the share icon used by ShareThis (which grew out of his Share This plugin for WordPress...), or one of his many other WordPress plugins. Of the many visionaries who've plowed the internet for the rest of us, making it a better place for us all to grow and thrive, Alex King was one of the brightest stars. Thank you Alex, so much! You are already missed more than you know!

Give someone a fish, feed them for a day. Teach them to fish, feed them (and their family) for the rest of their life! Alex was one of the internet's best teachers. So long and thanks for all the fish!


Submission + - Researcher finds dangerous vulnerability in Skype (

alphadogg writes: A security consultant has notified Skype of a cross-site scripting flaw that could be used to change the password on someone's account, according to details posted online. The consultant, Levent Kayan, based in Berlin, posted details of the flaw on his blog on Wednesday and notified Skype a day later. He said on Friday he hasn't heard a response yet. The problem lies in a field where a person can input their mobile phone number. Kayan wrote that a malicious user can insert JavaScript into the mobile phone field of their profile.

Submission + - Sustainable Cities - Building cities worth buildin (

cutdown writes: Siemens has just launched a new campaign in the US, it's called sustainable cities. This page will give you a short overview on the sustainable solutions to energy efficient buildings, water treatment facilities, transportation infrastructure, public safety systems and healthcare imaging and diagnostics.

Submission + - Study: Ad Networks Not Honoring Do-Not-Track (

itwbennett writes: "According to a new study from Stanford University's Center for Internet Society, almost half of the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) members that Stanford studied left tracking cookies in place after a Web user opted out of targeted ads. NAI's executive director said that with no consensus on what do-not-track means, ad networks continue to gather data for business reasons other than providing targeted advertising. 'Under the NAI self-regulatory code, companies commit to providing an opt out to the use of online data for online behavioral advertising purposes,' Curran said. 'But the NAI code also recognizes that companies sometimes need to continue to collect data for operational reasons that are separate from ad targeting based on a user's online behavior.'"

Submission + - Older programmers ARE better! (

mikejuk writes: It's a prejudice that the young and old share, but with opposite polarities of course. Young is best or old is best — most have an opinion. Now we have some interesting statistics ingeniously gathered and processed in by Peter Knego "big data" style that "proves" older is better when it comes to programming at least!

Submission + - Earthquake Causes River to Disappear (

Endoflow2010 writes: Following a series of moderate earthquakes that struck the country Tuesday, residents around the Guacalito River in Costa Rica discovered that the river had disappeared. reported that sometime after the earthquakes, villagers living near the river, which is located near Armenia de Upala, discovered that the river was dry.

It was not immediately known if the waters of the river had disappeared due to sinkhole activity that can occur after earthquakes or if the earth shaking caused damming that dried up the river near the Miravalles volcano. The quakes were centered near the Nicaragua and Costa Rica border in the same vicinity as the Miravalles volcano.

UPDATE 13/07 – 14:31 UTC : Just after the earthquake, villagers living near the Río Guacalito at Armenias de Upala were surprised that the river was suddenly dry! Villagers believe that a dam was created on the slopes of of the Miravalles volcano which dried up the river.


Google Releases the SDK For Version 1.6 of Android 69

Qwavel writes "This release includes improvements to the Android Market, the Search Framework, and Text-to-Speech. It now has support for more screen resolutions and CDMA phones. Android 1.6 is based on v2.6.29 of the Linux kernel and is expected in phones that will be available next month. The mystery of Android 1.6, however, is Google's continued unwillingness to commit to a Bluetooth API and any Bluetooth functionality beyond the basic audio functions."

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